Zhishang International second basketball match

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Zhishang International second basketball match

In order to enrich the style and entertainment life of the employees, give full play to the teamwork spirit of the employees, and enhance the corporate cohesion and pride among employees. On July 11, “Zhishang International second basketball match” was held on the indoor basketball field. Various departments actively cooperate and organized teams to participate in the game; the cheerleaders outside the field were more enthusiastic. The cheers and shouts made the basketball game atmosphere continue to heat up. All athletes, referees and on-site spectators performed outstandingly, the staff actively did the logistics support work, the referees were impartial and selfless, Zhishang all athletes really played the spirit of friendship first and competition second, the style and the competition were out Level.

After the preparations before the game, two teams were finally formed,“Zhishang Foreign Trade team”and Zhishang domestic trade team”. Although everyone is a close colleague on the work, But on the court, everyone was relentless. After any chance of scoring, encouraged by the eyes and the cries of friendship that everyone expected, “Zhishang domestic trade team” finally defeated the “Zhishang Foreign Trade team” with a slight advantage of 2 points and won the championship of this basketball game.The “Zhishang Foreign Trade team” won the “Best Organization Award”. The outstanding individual Frank scored 23 points on the field and won the MVP award.

This basketball game not only enriched the employees’ spare time, but also ignited the enthusiasm and confidence of the employees in sports. It embodies the company spirit that our company has always advocated focusing on training the comprehensive quality of employees, and at the same time strengthens the deep implementation of corporate culture, enhances the friendship between employees, and cultivates the spirit of unity and cooperation.

The company has always been adhering to the “customer first principle”. This competition has strengthened the staff’s physique and made the staff have a better spirit to serve customers. In the future work, think about what customers think, customers first, service for First of all, we continue to uphold the principle of “careful, dedicated, enthusiastic”, customer satisfaction is our aim,build a bridge of friendly exchanges between China and foreign countries in the field of chemicals, base on the present, look to the future, and strive for a better tomorrow.