Western China International Chemical Industry Exhibition

Shanghai International Chemical Industry Exhibition ICIF
Shanghai International Chemical Industry Exhibition ICIF
IG China, International Gas Technology and Equipment Exhibition
2021 IG China, International Gas Technology and Equipment Exhibition
Western China International Chemical Industry Exhibition
Western China International Chemical Industry Exhibition

Western China International Chemical Industry Exhibition

“West 4th China international chemical industry exhibition (2021)” (hereinafter referred to as: the western chemical exhibition) as the western region of the chemical industry professional exhibition, with “high-end, intelligent, safe, environmental protection” as the theme, independent partitions show chemical new materials, basic chemical raw materials, intelligent technology and equipment, chemical environmental protection technology and equipment, chemical safety technology and equipment, etc. And invited from chemical products and equipment manufacturers, traders, governments, institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions, industry association and the association of experts, scholars, media agencies to visit, negotiate, and carry out special BBS and present lectures, through the exhibition, investment consultation, technology research, information dissemination way, structures, chemical products, equipment and technology platform of exchanges and cooperation between supply and demand, power, the transformation of western chemical industry upgrading and development of high quality.


Exhibition area for new Chemical Materials and Raw Materials: New chemical materials: organic fluorine materials, organic silicon materials, polyurethane materials, engineering plastics, functional polymer materials, nanometer materials, composite materials, film materials, carbon materials, special fibers, fine ceramic materials, photosensitive materials, etc. Basic inorganic and organic chemical raw materials; Fine and special chemicals; Chemical synthetic materials and their raw materials; Agricultural chemicals, dyes, pigments, etc.
Chemical equipment and automation exhibition area: Complete chemical plant and equipment; Separation, filtration, extraction and purification equipment; Mixing equipment for drying, crushing and explosion-proof; Mass transfer equipment; Heat treatment equipment for heat transfer, heat exchange and refrigeration; Industrial cleaning and anti-corrosion equipment technology; Equipment repair, maintenance and management; Storage and transportation, packaging technology and pressure vessels; Pump, valve, pipeline and other fluid machinery equipment; Sealing equipment and accessories; Dense instrumentation and industrial automation equipment; Process control system and software; Medical and chemical equipment.
Intelligent chemical industry Exhibition area: cloud platform, big data, intelligent vision, information transmission technology, intelligent supervision system, early warning function, comprehensive supervision, long-term emergency command and dispatch system, Intelligent sensing technology of Internet of Things, massive data analysis technology, computer control technology.
Chemical energy saving and environmental protection equipment and engineering exhibition area: Water treatment and sewage treatment; Technical equipment for industrial waste gas recovery and treatment; Technical equipment for industrial smoke control; Solid waste treatment equipment; Fluid machinery and supporting equipment; Demonstration project of environmental protection quality.
Chemical safety Technology and Equipment Exhibition area: Chemical safety testing and monitoring technology and equipment; Safety technology and equipment for storage and transportation of chemicals; Chemical safety production information system; Chemical automatic control system; Chemical explosion-proof electrical technology and equipment; Emergency rescue technology and equipment for chemical safety production; Personal protective equipment; Chemical consulting, certification and training services brand display.

Exhibition Hall:

Chongqing Yuelai International Expo Center
Venue area: 600000 square meters
Address: 66 yuelai avenue, Yubei District, chongqing, China

Time: From October 15 to October 17, 2021