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Usage of photoinitiator TPO CAS75980-60-8

The photoinitiator TPO CAS75980-60-8 is an efficient cleavage free radical photoinitiator with a very wide absorption wavelength range, taking into account both surface drying and deep curing, and is used to initiate the UV polymerization reaction of the unsaturated prepolymerization system.

This kind of initiator has the following three characteristics: fast curing, resistance to yellowing, and low odor.

1、It is a photoinitiator, mainly used in screen printing inks, lithographic printing inks, flexographic printing inks, and wood coatings.

TPO can be completely cured on white or high titanium dioxide pigmented surfaces.


2、It is widely used in various coatings. Because of its excellent absorption properties, it is especially suitable for screen printing inks, offset printing, flexographic printing inks, and wood coatings.

The coating does not turn yellow, the post-polymerization effect is low, and there is no residue.

3、It can also be used for transparent coating, especially suitable for products with low odor requirements. Used alone in unsaturated polyester containing styrene system, it has high initiation efficiency.

For acrylate systems, especially colored systems, it usually needs to be used in conjunction with amines or acrylamides, and also with other photoinitiators to achieve complete curing of the system. Especially suitable for low yellowing, white systems and thick film layers.

The curing. The photoinitiator TPO is used in combination with MOB 240 or CBP 393 to improve curing efficiency. It is the best extraction solvent for petroleum aromatics equipment, and it is also used as a formylation reagent in the fine chemical industry.

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Photoinitiator TPO CAS 75980-60-8

Mainly used in screen printing inks, lithographic inks, wood coatings, etc.