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What is Pyroxasulfone? How does it compare to traditional amide herbicides? How to buy? This will be the most complete instruction manual you will find for Pyroxasulfone.

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What is Pyroxasulfone Herbicide?

Pyroxasulfone is a new class of pyrazole herbicides. Pyroxasulfone Herbicide is more effective than other herbicides and is less harmful to the environment.

Pyroxasulfone can be used on a wider range of crops and has much greater biological activity than traditional herbicides such as ethephon and iprodione. The dosage per unit area is 8 to 10 times lower than that of ethephon and other chloroacetamide herbicides, but the weed control effect is better.

Traditional herbicides, such as ethephon, ipecac, etc., they belong to the amide-type herbicides. But these amide herbicide varieties have poor safety and weed control effect is getting worse. With the launch of the new herbicide pyroxasulfone, it will fully replace the amide herbicide varieties.

Since the launch of pyrazolsulfone, its excellent performance has successfully attracted many researchers around the world to conduct in-depth research on its activity, control spectrum, applicable crops, duration of efficacy and so on. The product’s many good qualities are gradually revealed and its application range is expanded.


Product Applications

Pyroxasulfone is used in preemergence applications to control major grass and broadleaf weeds in dryland crop fields. It has a broad application schedule from pre-plant to post-emergence and is compatible with most commonly used herbicides.

It provides excellent control of ryegrass and is extremely residual and selective for wheat crops.

Pyroxasulfone herbicide provides effective control of more than a dozen annual grass weeds such as barnyardgrass, morning glory, matang, dogwood, oxalis, wild oats, ryegrass, and wild millet.

It can prevent or suppress more than 10 kinds of annual broad-leaved weeds such as Amaranthus, Amaranthus, Amaranthus, Lobelia, Quinoa, Mandarins, Abutilon, Capsella, Pogostemon.

Mechanism of Action

The mechanism of action of Pyroxasulfone is similar to that of ethephon and iprodione amides. The product specifically inhibits many of the elongation steps catalyzed by super-long-chain fatty acid elongases in plants, which are absorbed by young roots and shoots of weeds after application and block apical division after plant germination.

Pyroxasulfone is a K3 herbicide, which is a cell division inhibitor. It kills weeds by inhibiting the synthesis of very long chain fatty acid VLCFA, which in turn prevents the growth of meristematic tissue and germinal sheath.

The results of indoor activity test and field efficacy test show that pyroxasulfone suspension at 40% has good control effect on annual grass weeds such as sparrow wheat, wheatgrass, wild oat, and some annual broadleaf weeds such as Artemisia annua, caper, and pigweed.

Main Advantages

(1) Wide range of application: pyroxasulfone is widely used in corn, soybean, cotton, peanut, wheat, sunflower, potato and many other grass crops and broad-leaved crops.

(2) Better safety: pyrazolsulfone overcomes the shortcomings of ethephon, which is prone to damage, and is safe for the current crop and the next crop, so it can be used more safely.

(3) Pyroxasulfone is considered to be the best herbicide in Australia and other countries for the prevention and control of resistant weeds such as hard ryegrass.

(4) Good compounding: pyrazolsulfone can be mixed with atrazine, zinebutrazone and other post-emergence herbicides to achieve the double effect of sealing and killing, and can also be mixed with glyphosate to control weeds more cleanly and with longer duration of effect.

(5) Higher activity: pyroxasulfone dosage 125-250 g/ha, low dosage per unit area. The dosage is 8~10 times lower than that of S-isopropylmetolachlor and ethylmetolachlor to achieve the same herbicidal effect. It is only 12% of the dosage of S-isopropylmetolachlor and 10% of the dosage of etofenpropathrin. The persistence period can reach about 28 days.

Pyroxasulfone Herbicide

Product Deficiency

Pyroxasulfone herbicide has poor control effect on knapweed and wild oats. The single use of this product in wheat fields may make wild oats become the dominant population. Pyrazolsulfone can be used in combination with pyroxasulfone or fluthiacet for the prevention and control of wild oats in wheat fields.

There is a risk of resistance to pyrazolsulfone when used singly for a long time. Studies have shown that resistance to pyroxasulfone and even cross-resistance to other agents can develop in hard ryegrass after three years of continuous single application. To delay the development of resistance, pyrazolsulfone should be registered in combination with herbicides that have different mechanisms of action or metabolism.

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