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These chemicals are used in agriculture and play a vital role in today's industrial and intensive farming methods.

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Agrochemicals Supplier


Agrochemicals (Agchem) are chemicals used in agriculture, including fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, hormones and soil conditioners. They are mainly used to protect crops and improve their growth and fertility.

These chemicals are used in agriculture and play a vital role in current industrial and intensive farming methods. Creating the possibility of growing food on previously untillable land and increasing the yield of a given soil.

As the global populace continues to grow, it comes to be also extra important to improve the yield and quality of our food through agrochemicals.

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Agrochemical Category

Agrochemicals can be split into 3 categories: fertilizers, chemicals and also agricultural films.

Chemical fertilizer is the abbreviation of chemical fertilizer, a fertilizer made by chemical or physical methods containing one or several nutrients required for crop growth. It is generally used to enhance soil fertility and also rise crop return each area. The most common ones are nitrogen, phosphorus and also potassium plant foods.

Pesticides are various kinds of fungicidal, insecticidal and herbicidal drugs used to promote and guarantee the healthy growth of crops.

Agricultural films are mainly used for cover cultivation techniques, which greatly increase agricultural yield and produce anti-seasonal crops.



Using chemical fertilizers plays an important role in agricultural production, significantly increasing agricultural output and supplying the food needs of a growing population. Domestic and foreign agrochemical experts generally agree that applying chemical fertilizers to crops can increase yields by 40% to 60%, with other production factors remaining unchanged.

Using chemical fertilizers impacts agricultural products' quality in positive and negative ways. The final quality presentation is closely related to the method of fertilizer use.

If fertilizer is applied in excess, it can negatively affect the quality of agricultural products. If a balanced fertilization method is applied, agricultural product quality will improve.

Also, in rice crops with an amino acid content, the use of inorganic nitrogen fertilizers has a similar effect to the application of organic nitrogen fertilizers. Combined with the practical analysis, the available phosphorus and potassium fertilizers in chemical fertilizers do not affect the quality of agricultural products, and the chemical elements in chemical fertilizers in the medium and microelements enhance agricultural products' yield increase or insufficient production needs.

Therefore, more high-quality fertilizer inputs are needed to have more agricultural product output.

Negative information and effects of fertilizer use.
It is mainly caused by not using fertilizers correctly, singly or in excess. Farmers have a low level of expertise and do not have a complete understanding of the effects caused by chemical fertilizers, which leads to ecological threats and even affects crop production value and quality.



Pesticides are a class of chemicals used in agriculture to protect crops from diseases, insects and rodents, as well as to regulate plant growth and remove weeds, etc. They play an active role in agricultural production.

Pesticides are one of the most important resources for improving crop yields; without pesticides, more than half of our crops would be lost. In between 26% and 40% of the globe's potential plant returns are shed yearly due to weeds, parasites and also conditions. Without pesticides to shield plants, these losses can conveniently double.

Herbicides: Heavy infestations of weeds, especially in the early stages of crop establishment, ultimately result in a 40 per cent reduction in yield. Herbicides provide economic and labour benefits.

Insecticides: The purpose of insecticides is to protect plants from pests and diseases that can destroy entire crops. They avoid certain threats and allow more plants to continue growing as needed.

Fungicides: A fungicide is a specific insecticide that controls fungal diseases by inhibiting or killing the fungus that causes the disease.

Pesticides can benefit farmers by extending the life of their crops and preventing post-harvest losses. It allows them to protect their crops without pulling weeds or removing pests from their fields themselves, resulting in better profits.

Agricultural Films

Agricultural Films

Compost plays a vital function in agriculture due to its capacity to boost the yield and also water make use of performance of food crops by preserving dirt moisture, subduing weeds as well as boosting soil temperature. The effect of agricultural films on the high quality of agricultural products is a lot less than that of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Despite the many benefits of plastic film mulching technology, it also leads to several pollution hazards. The main components of agricultural films contain substances such as biphenol, phthalates, polyethene, and PCB polychlorinated biphenyls, which have very stable molecular structures and are difficult to photolyze thermally degrade under natural conditions. It is also not easily degraded by biological means such as bacteria and enzymes, which inevitably leads to an increasing number of plastic residues in the field.

Consequently, eco-friendly plastic mulch has actually been established as a promising choice to PE movie to get over the adverse ecological troubles triggered by the relentless plastic waste generated by PE. The components are film-grade polyethene and film-grade polylactic acid, supplying a lasting and ecologically friendly service for agricultural activities.

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