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Name: Zinc sulphate powder

Cas: 7784-13-6

Purity: 99%min


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Product Introduction:

Zinc sulfate, chemical formula ZnSO4, common name Hao alum, Zinc alum, is the most common type of colorless orthorhombic crystal or white crystalline powder, which gradually weathers in dry air, has a relative density of 1.96, and loses one crystal water at 39°C. becomes hexahydrate.

Zinc sulphate powder is well soluble in water, the aqueous solution is slightly acidic, soluble in glycerin, slightly soluble in ethanol, and forms ZnSO4·K2SO4·6H2O type double salt with potassium sulfate. Metal zinc or zinc oxide is dissolved in dilute sulfuric acid, concentrated and crystallized at 30°C to obtain zinc sulfate heptahydrate, and then the temperature is raised to obtain various other Zinc sulphate powders.

Zinc sulphate powder is a raw material for making other zinc salts and lithopone. It can be used as fabric mordant, wood preservative, leather preservative, bone adhesive clarifier, pigment desiccant. In medicine, it is used as an emetic, astringent, and antiseptic, and a dilute solution is used to treat zinc deficiency.

It also has the function of preventing diseases of fruit tree seedlings, and is an important auxiliary material for the production of viscose fiber and vinylon fiber. It is also widely used in electrolysis and electroplating industries. Zinc sulphate powder is toxic and should not be stored and transported with food and should be stored in a dry warehouse to avoid sunlight, rain and moisture.

Product Nature:

  • Melting point: 100°C
  • Boiling point: 105°C (estimate)
  • Density: 1.31 g/mL at 20 °C
  • PH value: 4.0±0.5
  • Storage conditions: Store at +15°C to +25°C.


Product NameZinc sulphate powder
CAS No.7784-13-6
Appearance White crystalline powder
Content99% min
Shelf Life2 years
Packing1kg/bag,25kg/bag or as your requirements

Product function:

  • industry
    • Zinc sulphate powder is the main raw material for the manufacture of lysophone and zinc salt, it is also used as a mordant in printing and dyeing, and can also be used as a preservative for wood and leather. Viscose and vinylon fibers. It is also used in the electroplating and electrolysis industries and can also be used to make cables.
    • Industrial coolants consume the most water. The cooling water of the closed circulation cooling system must be treated as it must not corrode and scale the metal. This process is called water stabilization. Here, zinc sulphate powder is used as a water quality stabilizer.
  • Medicine
    • Oral zinc sulfate can correct zinc deficiency and restore the function of the enzymatic system. Zinc ions can precipitate proteins, have an astringent and bactericidal effect for external use, and can help the formation of granulation tissue.
    • Medicinal zinc sulphate powder is suitable for the treatment of enteropathic adenodermatitis, aphthous, chronic ulcer, and conjunctivitis caused by zinc deficiency. However, sharing with penicillamine may weaken the effectiveness of the latter. Zinc Sulphate Powder Monohydrate can be used as a zinc supplement in feed.
  • Agriculture
    • Zinc sulphate powder can also be used to prevent disease in fruit tree seedlings. It is also a commonly used fertilizer to supplement crop zinc trace element fertilizer. It can be used as base fertilizer, foliar fertilizer, etc.
    • Zinc is one of the essential nutrients for plants. If zinc is deficient, white flower seedlings are likely to form on corn, and if zinc deficiency is severe, growth stops or the seedlings die. If the pH value is high, zinc fertilizer such as zinc sulphate powder should be added, and increasing the application of zinc fertilizer also has the effect of increasing the yield.

Adapted symptoms (for reference only):

  1. Astringent antiseptic: Eye drops can be used for conjunctivitis, trachoma and blepharitis.

  2. Oral administration can stimulate the gastric mucosa to induce reflex vomiting and can be used as an emetic, but it is rarely used at present.

  3. Treatment of zinc deficiency: Zinc is a component of many enzymes important to the human body, such as carbonic anhydrase and alkaline phosphatase. Since zinc is an indispensable trace element in the human body, zinc is supplemented with substances such as zinc sulfate. The powder can treat zinc deficiency.

  4. Zinc sulphate powder is used to treat diseases that may be associated with zinc deficiency, such as acne vulgaris, skin ulcers (venous, arterial, leprosy), psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, chronic eczema, mouth ulcers, hair loss, odour. It’s possible. taste disorders, etc.

  5. Zinc sulphate powder can also be used for the treatment of armpit odor, rheumatoid arthritis, gastric ulcer, migraine, impotence, cold and acute leukemia, night blindness caused by liver disease, prevention of miscarriage and adjuvant treatment of multiple congenital malformations.


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