WST-8 CAS 193149-74-5

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Name: WST-8

Cas: 193149-74-5

Purity: 99%min


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CAS No:193149-74-5
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Product Introduction:

2-(2-Methoxy-4-nitrophenyl)-3-(4-nitrophenyl)-5-(2,4-disulfobenzene)-2H-tetrazolium monosodium salt, referred to as WST- 8, is a main component of the cell activity detection reagent CCK-8 kit.

The CCK-8 kit is mainly used to detect cell proliferation and cytotoxicity. The kit is easy to use, has high sensitivity, good repeatability and no radioactivity.

WST-8 is a water-soluble tetrazolium salt that can be used to assess the metabolic activity of cells, resulting in the corresponding formazan dye, which absorbs at 460 nm. WST-8 is commonly used in cell proliferation assays as an indicator of cell viability.

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Product Usage:

WST-8 is currently a very widely used biological stain in biochemical chemistry and cell biology. Mainly used in biochemical kits as a screening reagent for cell proliferation detection.

It can directly carry out in vivo analysis and in vivo analysis of organisms, especially suitable for quantitative analysis of cell activity, for direct detection of cytotoxicity, cell proliferation and anti-tumor drug susceptibility experiments.

WST-8 is a highly sensitive tetrazolium reagent that produces water-soluble formazan (orange, absorbs at 460 nm) in NADH. A new generation of formazan-based dyes releases transformation products in a soluble form into the culture medium, allowing non-destructive determination of viability, allowing cells to be further studied.

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