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White beeswax
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Name: White Beeswax

Cas: 8012-89-3

Purity: 99%min


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CAS No:8012-89-3
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Product Introduction:

White beeswax, also understood as white optimal wax, initial white beeswax. This product is an all-natural compound and also is risk-free for people. For that reason, it is typically utilized in the clinical and also pharmaceutical sectors.

Transparent colorless or white odorless as well as unappetizing wax. The solubility in natural solvents is not big, only a little soluble in ketones, ethers as well as alcohols, however the solubility in aromatic hydrocarbons is reasonably big.

White beeswax is edible, does not stick to the teeth when consumed, and has an one-of-a-kind scent. There is usually no effect on pregnant females, and there is no acne-causing effect.

Products are divided into 2 kinds of refined paraffin and microcrystalline paraffin.

  • Improved paraffin is gotten from the reduced molecular weight fraction of oil, as well as the viscosity after melting is reduced than that of microcrystalline paraffin.
  • The molecular weight, flash point as well as melting point of microcrystalline paraffin are usually greater than those of refined paraffin. Products are graded according to melting factor (48-93 ° C) as well as shade (brownish-yellow to nearly white).

Nature and Specifications:

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Product Usage:

For the cosmetic industry

White beeswax is a kind of beeswax, which belongs to animal wax and is used as emollient and emulsifier in cosmetics.

It can nourish and soften the skin, increase the viscosity and durability of the product, and is more common in lotions, creams, lipsticks, foundation creams, blushes, eye shadows, and mascaras.

For the pharmaceutical industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, because white beeswax is a natural substance, it is often used in the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

It can increase the viscosity of some medicinal creams, and can also play a role in stabilizing medicinal properties. In addition, white beeswax is also an important raw material for making medicinal sugar coatings.

White beeswax also has the effect of controlling the absorption of drugs and is the most ideal outer film for those slow-release drugs. It prevents the drug from being absorbed in the stomach, allowing it to enter the gut before it does its job.

Dental professional hands and tooth models in dentistry are made from white beeswax. The shells of several Chinese medicine pills are additionally constructed from Baifeng wax, due to the fact that Baifeng wax can extend the service life of Chinese medicine tablets.

Utilized as pharmaceutical excipients. Can be made use of to boost the consistency of creams and ointments, maintain water-in-oil emulsions, and so on.

It is additionally made use of to brighten sugar-coated tablets and also to change the melting point of suppositories, and as a movie layer for sustained-release tablet computers.

Beeswax microspheres are used in oral dose forms to hinder the absorption of the energetic ingredient from the belly, so that the vast majority of absorption occurs in the intestinal tract.

Coating with white beeswax controlled drug release from ion exchange resin spheres.

For the food industry

Glazing and glazing agents for confectionery; anti-sticking agents for bread and sugar products; cheese coating agents; citrus coating agents; glazing and coloring agents for roasted coffee; flavoring and food coloring carriers and diluents; gum bases material.

For fruit and also honey-flavored drinks, gelato, fermented items, bakery items and also honey.

Other uses

White beeswax is likewise an important commercial basic material and also a crucial resources for candle lights. The candles produced with this beeswax not only have a faint aroma, but are also less shape-able, and the burning time is longer than ordinary candles.

White beeswax can be made use of for wax paper, craft candle lights, brow pencils, pastels, polishing wax, and so on.

Gum-based chewing material; safety layer; polishing agent; antifoaming representative. Waxing, moisture-proof, oil-proof and anti-sticking of food wrapping paper.

Medicine: tablets, soft pills, lotion; stationery: ink, wax paper, pencil; everyday chemicals: footwear polish, wax emulsion, flooring wax, wax figure, batik; furniture: craft sculpting, stone polishing; aerospace: electronic devices, army industry.

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