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Whey Protein Powder

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Name: Whey Protein Powder

Cas: 84082-51-9

Purity: 99%min


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Product Introduction:

Whey Protein is known as the king of protein. It is a protein extracted from milk. It is rich in nutrients, easy to digest and absorb, and contains a variety of effective ingredients, so it is loved by many people. Whey Protein Powder is one of the highest quality protein supplements recognized by the human body.

Whey Protein, which accounts for about 18%-20% of milk protein, can be divided into two parts: heat stable and heat unstable whey protein. When the whey liquid is boiled for 20 minutes at pH=4.6 to 4.7, the type of protein that precipitates is the heat-labile Whey Protein, which mainly includes lactalbumin and lactoglobulin. The non-precipitating proteins are heat-stable proteins, which account for about 19% of whey protein.

When saturated ammonium sulfate or saturated magnesium sulfate is added to neutral whey to precipitate out, the protein that is in a dissolved state but not precipitated is Whey Protein, and the protein that can precipitate but is not dissolved is lactoglobulin.

Product Nature:

  • Grade: Food Grade
  • function: Other Health food
  • Sample: Available


Product NameWhey Protein Powder
CAS No.84082-51-9
Appearance White powder
Content99% min
Shelf Life2 years
Packing1kg/bag,25kg/bag or as your requirements

Product nutritional characteristics:

First of all, among various proteins, Whey Protein Powder has the highest nutritional value. Generally speaking, the types and contents of essential amino acids are complete and can provide the protein needed by the human body, which can be called high-quality protein or complete protein.

  1. Whey Protein is a high-quality complete protein, and it is also an animal protein. It contains 8 kinds of amino acids necessary for the human body, and the ratio is reasonable, which is close to the human body’s demand ratio. It is an essential substance for human growth, development, anti-aging and other life activities.
  2. Whey Protein is easier to digest and absorb. The whey protein in breast milk contains 60% and the casein contains 40%. In addition, whey protein is rich in cysteine ​​and methionine, which can help the body maintain antioxidant levels.
    Many experimental studies have proved that taking Whey Protein Powder concentrate can promote humoral immunity and cellular immunity, stimulate the human immune system, and prevent the occurrence of chemically induced cancer. Therefore, among various proteins, Whey Protein Powder is a very good protein that can enhance the body’s immunity.
  3. The content of fat and lactose in Whey Protein Powder is low, but it contains β-lactoglobulin, α-lactalbumin, immunoglobulin, and many other active ingredients. It is these active ingredients that make Whey Protein Powder have many health functions that are beneficial to the human body, so it is considered to be one of the high-quality protein sources needed by the human body.

From a nutritional point of view, food derived from animal protein contains excessive saturated fat, cholesterol and other harmful substances that are harmful to the human body. Excessive consumption can easily lead to increased body fat and cholesterol, leading to the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases.

Whey Protein Powder

By taking protein powder, you can avoid these problems while supplementing protein. In addition, it is convenient to take, has high attraction utilization rate, and can reduce the burden on the intestines and stomach. Therefore, taking protein powder is our best choice for protein supplement, and Whey Protein Powder is our primary consideration when choosing protein powder.

Product function:

  1. Sports nutrition value
    • Whey Protein Powder has the advantages of good balance between essential and non-essential amino acids, rich in branched chain amino acids, and low in fat and cholesterol.
    • The principle of the protein digestion proofreading amino acid score (PDCAAS) method to determine protein quality is based on the human body’s demand for amino acids.
    • According to this method, the bioavailability of whey protein is higher than many other high-quality dietary proteins such as eggs, beef and soybeans.
  2. Whey Protein Powder and free radicals
    • The α-lactalbumin, bovine serum albumin, and lactoferrin in Whey Protein Powder are rich in cysteine ​​residues, which can safely pass through the digestive tract and bloodstream, enter the cell membrane, reduce to two cysteines, synthesize GSH, and maintain Cells and tissues GSH levels, thereby enhancing the body’s antioxidant capacity, improving muscle endurance and working function, and delaying the occurrence of fatigue.
  3. Whey Protein Powder and immunity
    • Glutamine is an important substrate for lymphocytes and macrophages in the immune response process. The high-speed use of glutamine to generate purines and pyrimidine nucleotides is beneficial to synthesize more DNA and accelerate the proliferation of immune cells.
    • The blood sugar drops in the late stage of long-time and high-intensity exercise. At this time, glutamine mainly participates in gluconeogenesis to maintain blood sugar concentration. Glutamine cannot meet the needs of immune cells. This is the main reason for the decline in the body’s immunity due to exercise.
    • Whey Protein Powder is rich in glutamine precursors such as glutamate, which can provide raw materials for gluconeogenesis, maintain glutamine levels, and protect immune cell functions. In addition, studies have shown that both lactoferrin and globulin in Whey Protein Powder have antibacterial and antiviral effects.
  4. With central fatigue
    • Central fatigue theory believes that during endurance exercise, when muscle glycogen and liver glycogen are consumed in large quantities, blood branched-chain amino acids also decrease, free tryptophan levels increase, and a large amount of tryptophan enters the brain barrier and turns into 5 Monohydroxytryptophan, the latter can inhibit central excitability, causing feelings of lethargy and fatigue.
    • Whey Protein Powder is rich in branched-chain amino acids, which can block the transport of tryptophan and delay fatigue.
  5. Do functional power with muscles
    Whey Protein Powder increases the ability of exercise muscles to work mainly in several aspects:
    1. Digestible high-quality protein-to provide extra energy, save protein in the body, and reduce muscle protein decomposition.
    2. The content of lysine and arginine in Whey Protein is high, which can stimulate the secretion and release of anabolic hormones or muscle growth stimulating factors, and stimulate muscle growth and fat loss.
    3. Provide antioxidants such as GSH to protect muscle cell membranes, sarcoplasmic reticulum, mitochondria and other structures, and relieve muscle fatigue.
    4. At the same time, Whey Protein is also rich in branched-chain amino acids.
  6. Muscle growth
    • During exercise, we need to consume more protein to delay or build muscle. Whey Protein Powder is particularly rich in branched-chain amino acids, and branched-chain amino acids have the effect of preventing muscle breakdown and promoting muscle synthesis, and are also beneficial for repairing sports injuries.
  7. It can control appetite, reduce fat and improve body proportion
    • Use Whey Protein Powder (whey protein) to reduce fat and improve body proportions. Studies have pointed out that eating Whey Protein Powder can reduce food cravings and reduce energy intake.


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