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Name: Valerophenone

Cas: 1009-14-9

Purity: 99%min


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Basic Info:

CAS No:1009-14-9
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Brand NameLook chemical

Product Introduction:

Valerophenone, also known as pentanophenone, is a natural chemical material with molecular formula: C11H14O. Often used as organic intermediates, it is a tool in various chemical processes.

In general, it is a colorless liquid. Flammable, incompatible with strong oxidants, acids, alkalis, plastics. It can be prepared by Friedel-Crafts reaction from benzene and n-valeryl chloride, or by Grignard reaction from methyl benzoate.

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Nature and Specifications:

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Product Usage:

Valerophenone can be utilized as organic synthesis intermediate and also pharmaceutical intermediate, which can be utilized in laboratory r & d procedure and chemical as well as pharmaceutical synthesis process.

It is a fragrant ketone that is utilized as a tool to examine different photochemical procedures.

Valerophenone is also a prevention of the enzyme carbonyl reductase.

Operation Notes:

When operating valerophenone, the operator must undergo special training, and the operating procedures must be strictly followed during the operation. The place of operation needs to have local ventilation, or a ventilation facility with full ventilation.

During operation, it is essential to avoid contact with eyes and also skin, and also prevent breathing in vapor, as well as take notice of avoid fire as well as heat sources. It is even more important to avoid smoking in the workplace and to use explosion-proof ventilation systems and equipment. It is also essential to prevent contact with some materials such as oxidants. When handling, it needs to be lightly loaded and unloaded to avoid the dissolution and damage of the packaging box.

After the operation, you need to wash your hands thoroughly, and you must avoid eating in the workplace. The place must also have the corresponding items and quantities of fire fighting equipment, as well as emergency treatment equipment.

During operation, we must pay attention to the above-mentioned problems, so as to ensure the safety of personnel and avoid hazardous accidents. After the operation, the substance also needs to be stored in a cool and ventilated warehouse, and the temperature of the warehouse should not exceed 37℃. 

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