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Name: Ubidecarenone (COQ10)

Cas: 303-98-0

Purity: 99%min


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CAS No:303-98-0
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Product Introduction:

Ubidecarenone (COQ10), chemical name 2-[(all-E) 3,7,11,15,19,23,27,31,35,39-decamethyl-2,6,10,14,18, 22,26,30,34,38-tetradecenyl}-5,6-dimethoxy-3-methyl-p-benzoquinone,

In general, it is a yellow to orange-yellow crystalline powder, odorless and tasteless, and easily decomposed when exposed to light.

Coenzyme Q10 is among the substances associated with electron transport chain as well as cardiovascular respiration in eukaryotic mitochondria.

Ubidecarenone is a small-molecule fat-soluble quinone organic compound extensively existing in pet as well as plant cells. Its framework is similar to that of vitamin K. It is a solid antioxidant when utilized alone or in combination with vitamin E.

Ubidecarenone COQ10 is a vital material in the body itself, a crucial element in human cells, and also a vital coenzyme for human cell metabolism.

Since its products have no side effects, coenzyme Q10 is widely used in various industries such as food and dietary supplements

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Product Usage:

Ubidecarenone COQ10 serves as a coenzyme and also is also an essential antioxidant and immune enhancer.

For the adjuvant treatment of congestive heart failure, arrhythmia, sinus tachycardia, premature beats, high blood pressure and cancer.

Ubidecarenone can be used for the thorough treatment of intense and chronic viral liver disease as well as subacute hepatic death.

Additionally, it is additionally pursued primary and additional hyperaldosteronism, cerebrovascular conditions and hemorrhagic shock.

Nausea, stomach discomfort, loss of appetite, and so on may happen throughout usage, and occasionally urticaria and short-term palpitations may occur.

Ubidecarenone COQ10 is widely made use of in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, artificial additive, nutritional supplements and other industries.

  • Nutrients that can trigger human cells and mobile energy can enhance human immunity, improve anti-oxidation, hold-up aging and also enhance human vitality.
  • In addition, studies in recent years have actually shown that the item additionally has anti-tumor results, and has a particular medical effect on sophisticated metastatic cancer cells.
  • In addition, coenzyme Q10 has substantial impacts in stopping coronary cardiovascular disease, alleviating periodontitis, dealing with duodenal ulcer and stomach abscess, improving human immune feature and easing angina pectoris.
  • Coenzyme Q10 is among the vital participants of the mitochondrial electron transport chain as well as likewise plays a crucial duty in oxidative phosphorylation.
  • Can be utilized for the treatment of heart problem, such as myocardial infarction, stenosis and more.

Ubidecarenone COQ10 as a non-specific immune enhancer in the body

  • It is widely used in the treatment of bacterial or viral infections, such as viral hepatitis, subacute liver necrosis, cerebral edema caused by fulminant hepatitis, persistent hepatitis and chronic hepatitis.
  • Coenzyme Q10 can also be used for comprehensive treatment of tumor patients to improve their immune function.

Ubidecarenone COQ10 also acts as an activator of cellular respiration and cellular metabolism

  • For adjuvant therapy of cancer, bacterial and viral infections, etc.

Absorption and Transport of Coenzyme Q10:

  • Oral COQ10 is poorly absorbed due to its insolubility in water, limited solubility in lipids, and relatively large molecular weight. In one study in rats, only about 2-3% of the oral dose was absorbed.
  • Its uptake mechanism is similar to that of vitamin K. In the presence of lipids, the absorption of Ubidecarenone COQ10 is limitedly enhanced, so the absorption and digestion of Coenz10 can be improved after meals.
  • In the small intestine, secretions from the pancreas and bile can facilitate the emulsification of Ubidecarenone as part of mesenteric proteins and its conversion into chylomicrons by lipoprotein lipase into the bloodstream.
  • The liver quickly absorbs these particles, packaged into VLDL/LDL particles, and re-released into the blood circulation, HDL also contains a small amount of Coenz10.
  • Coenzyme Q10 is synthesized de novo in all tissues. Tissue coenzyme Q10 content is regulated by several physiological factors, including oxidative stress, aging, and some pathophysiological states.

The Main Role of Ubidecarenone COQ10 in the Body:

Reduce cellular oxidative stress levels

  1. Remove free radicals and protect various proteins on cell membranes.
  2. Maintains cell membrane fluidity and protects phospholipids.
  3. Decreases malondialdehyde (MDA) and increases serum glutathione, catalase and superoxide dismutase activities.
  4. By inhibiting lipid peroxidation and 4-hydroxynonenoic acid, it reduces the effect of sirtuin-3 and reduces the level of oxidative stress.
  5. Ubidecarenone COQ10 provides antioxidant effects by directly reacting with oxygen free radicals or through its oxidation state to generate tocopherol and ascorbic acid.
  6. Combined with LDL, it increases the utilization of NO and reduces the production of lipid peroxides.


  • coenzyme Q10 assists in stabilizing the plasma membrane by regenerating antioxidants (such as vitamin E and ascorbate), regulating Mg2+-dependent neutral sphingomyelinase located in the plasma membrane, controlling the opening of the permeability transition pore, and interfering with the early stage of apoptosis stage.
  • (The opening of the permeability transition pore may lead to the entry of molecules larger than 1500 into the mitochondria, resulting in the loss of mitochondrial function) Ubiquinone 10 can also constitute an antioxidant system, and elevated plasma Ubiquinone 10 levels can increase the response to oxidative stress-mediated cellular resistance to apoptosis.

involved in gene regulation

  • Supplementation with Coenzyme Q10 boosted the expression of 694 genes involved in cell signaling, metabolism, transcriptional regulation and oxidative phosphorylation.
  • In addition, Liquid-Q can stimulate the transcription of key regulatory molecules PGC-1α, nuclear transcription factor-2 and antioxidant factors in mitochondrial biosynthesis, and regulate bioenergy performance and cellular redox status.


  • Coenzyme Q regulates tumor necrosis factor, chemokine-2, chemokine ligand-3, etc., and improves the body’s ability to fight inflammation.
  • Moreover, Ubidecarenone COQ10 supplementation can stimulate the increase in the level of antibodies such as IgG in the body, increase the number and function of macrophages and T lymphocytes, and improve the immune level of the body.
  • Ubidecarenone COQ10 can also significantly reduce CRP levels and protect cardiovascular.

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