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Tween 60

Name: Tween 60

Cas: 9005-67-8

Purity: 99%min


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Chemical Structure

Tween 60

Basic Info:

CAS No:9005-67-8
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Product Introduction:

Tween 60, also known as polysorbate 60, polyoxyethylene sorbitan monostearate, its molecular formula is C64H126O26.

In general, it is a lemon-colored to orange oily liquid or semi-gel, with a slight special odor and a slightly bitter taste.

Tween 60 is soluble in water, aniline, ethyl acetate and toluene, but insoluble in mineral oil and vegetable oil.

Tween 60 has excellent emulsifying properties, and has the functions of wetting, foaming, and diffusion, and is widely used in textiles, medicine, water-based coatings and other industries.

Nature and Specifications:

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Product Usage:

Tween 60 is a non-ionic surfactant and is harmless to human body, so it has been widely used in the fields of food, daily chemicals, medicine, machining and other fields.

  • T-60 is used as an emulsifier in the food, medicine, plastic and cosmetic industries.It can also be made use of as a part of polyacrylonitrile fiber rotating oil. As a fiber post-processing softener, it can remove fiber static electricity and also improve softness.
  • Tween 60 is made use of as O/W kind food emulsifier, used alone or mixed with Span-80, span-60 and span-65.
  • This product can be used as emulsifier, dispersant, stabilizer, diffusing agent, softener, antistatic representative, antirust agent, ending up agent, and so on.
  • It is used as softener and antistatic agent in the textile industry. It is a component of polyacrylonitrile spinning oil and a softener for post-processing of fibers. It can eliminate static electricity, improve its softness and give fibers good dyeing properties.
  • T-60 can be utilized in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, repaint pigments, fabrics, food, chemicals, detergent manufacturing and also steel surface area corrosion cleaning markets, as a viscosity reducer for oil removal as well as transport.
  • It is likewise a superb oil-in-water emulsifier, and has the properties of wetting, foaming and spreading out.
  • Tween 60 can be utilized as one of the components of polymeric emulsifier and artificial fiber rotating oil, as well as can also be utilized as a softener for fiber post-processing.

The Performance and Application of Tween 60:

Food industry

Tween 60 (T-60) has good activity and can improve the absorption capacity of human body to liquid paraffin and other fat-soluble substances.

It is widely used in the food industry as an emulsifier for cream, vegetable oil, cakes, and coatings for candy and cocoa products.

Also used as emulsifier and defoamer for coffee and beverages, bread fermentation regulator, emulsifier, fortifier, dispersant for mixed snacks, wetting agent for semi-fluid beverages, colloid for synthesizing sweet desserts, etc.

Daily chemical industry

As a wetting agent, Tween 60 is used as an emulsifier in toothpaste, and this substance is widely used in hair dye, body lotion, and sunscreen lotion.

Other industries

In the process of starch sugar fermentation to produce monosodium glutamate, adding T-60 can greatly improve the yield and economic benefits of the product.

In food machinery cleaning fluids and processing fluids in the metal processing industry, T-60 plays the roles of wetting, dissolving, dispersing, emulsifying, decontaminating, lubricating, defoaming, and brightening.

Tween 60 has been used in synthetic fibers, synthetic plastics, synthetic rubber, medicine, and petroleum.

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