Trisodium Citrate CAS 68-04-2

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Trisodium Citrate

Name: Trisodium Citrate

Cas: 68-04-2

Purity: 99%min


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Chemical Structure

Trisodium Citrate

Basic Info:

CAS No:68-04-2
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Product Introduction:

Trisodium citrate, likewise called salt citrate, has the chemical formula C6H5Na3O7. It is white crystalline granules or powder at space temperature, odorless, awesome and salted, as well as stable airborne. It sheds crystal water at 150 ° C and also decomposes when warmed continually.

Soluble in water and glycerol, the pH of the liquid option has to do with 8, a little soluble in ethanol. The aqueous solution is somewhat alkaline and has a cool feeling when tasted. It is acquired by reducing the effects of, focusing and taking shape citric acid with salt hydroxide or sodium carbonate.

Trisodium citrate is one of the most essential citrate. It is primarily created by fermenting starch to generate citric acid, and after that counteracting it with alkali materials. It has a range of one-of-a-kind and excellent properties.

Nature and Specifications:

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Product Usage:

Generally used as buffer, complexing representative, bacterial society medium, in medication for diuresis, expectorant, sweating, stopping blood coagulation, and in food, drink, electroplating, digital photography, and so on.

Trisodium citrate is a white or colorless organic compound crystal, which is commonly made use of in food, beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical areas.

It can be made use of as flavor agent, buffering agent, emulsifier and stabilizer in food, blood anticoagulant in medication, acidity buffering agent in body liquids and also urine, and so on.

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Trisodium Citrate Properties:

Secure and also non-toxic

Because the raw product for preparing salt citrate primarily comes from grain, it is absolutely risk-free as well as reputable, and also will not trigger damage to human wellness. The Food, Agriculture as well as Globe Health Organization of the United Nations does not impose any constraints on its day-to-day consumption, and it can be thought about as a drug-free product.


After sodium citrate is thinned down with a big quantity of water in nature, part of it becomes citric acid, and both exist together in the very same system.

Citric acid is conveniently biodegraded in water by the activity of oxygen, warmth, light, bacteria and also microbes. Its decay pathway is typically with aconitic acid, itaconic acid, citraconic anhydride, into co2 and water.

Complexing ability

Salt citrate has great complexing capacity to metal ions such as Ca2+ as well as Mg2+, and also has good complexing ability to other metal ions, such as Fe2+ plasma.

Other properties

Salt citrate has outstanding solubility, and the solubility enhances with the rise of water temperature; salt citrate has excellent pH modification and buffering properties.

Salt citrate is a weak acid and also strong base salt, and also it can develop a solid pH barrier with citric acid, so it is of fantastic usage in some occasions where the pH is not ideal for a vast array of changes.

On top of that, salt citrate also has excellent retardation and also security buildings.

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Application of Trisodium Citrate:

Trisodium citrate has a variety of outstanding homes, so it has a vast array of uses.


  • Trisodium citrate is generally made use of as an artificial additive as well as has the biggest demand. It can additionally be used as flavoring representative, bulking agent, stabilizer, barrier, and emulsifier.
  • Furthermore, the mix of sodium citrate as well as citric acid can also be made use of as a flavor representative, gelling representative as well as dietary supplement for numerous cakes, cold drinks, fruit juices, drinks, chilly beverages, dairy items as well as jams.


  • In 1914, sodium citrate was created as a long-acting anticoagulant, allowing blood to be maintained longer. For example, when taking fresh blood in center, it is required to include some sanitized salt citrate to avoid blood coagulation, so sodium citrate is called an anticoagulant.
  • Trisodium citrate also has a preservative impact as well as is utilized to preserve some medications.

Building Market

  • In the building sector, sodium citrate can be added as a retarder when making concrete, which can improve the frost resistance, compression resistance as well as tensile homes of concrete products.
  • Under the social conditions of significantly serious ecological troubles, the sulfur dioxide in the exhaust flue gas of some smelters is seriously going beyond the standard. Some studies have shown that using salt citrate’s very own qualities to get rid of sulfides from commercial exhaust has obvious effects.

Electroplating and Manufacturing

  • The electroplating process is developing rapidly, due to the fact that trisodium citrate has complexing properties, so it additionally has a great use in the electroplating sector.
  • Neutral citrate nickel plating has the benefits of environmental management, no pollution, very easy maintenance, low corrosion, and also outstanding layer performance, so it has been utilized on a large range in commercial production.
  • Furthermore, salt citrate is likewise used in the manufacture of nanomaterials as well as in the grinding as well as whitening modern technology of the ceramic market.

Industrial Cleansing

  • Due to the extensive application of sodium tripolyphosphate in the cleaning market, the cleaning sewer contains a big amount of phosphate. The water top quality is nourishing, as well as the algae multiply rapidly and trigger red tides, so that the absence of oxygen in the water considerably harms the survival of marine microorganisms, which has come to be an urgent trouble to be resolved in environmental protection.
  • Some nations have actually restricted phosphorus levels in cleaning agents considering that the 1970s. Because the homes of sodium citrate can be contributed to detergents to improve the detergency effect, salt citrate has actually been widely utilized in the manufacture of phosphorus-free washing cleaning agents as well as fluid detergents.
  • Studies have actually shown that the unique cleaner including sodium citrate is non-corrosive, so some accuracy tools can also be cleansed with this unique cleaner.
  • Food safety and security has actually drawn in an increasing number of focus. In order to remove chemical residues, an unique cleaner for cleaning up vegetables and fruits having sodium citrate has been established.

With the strengthening of research study, using trisodium citrate is enhancing. It is among the basic medicines for biological experiments.

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