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Name: Tridecane

Cas: 629-50-5

Purity: 99%min


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Chemical Structure


Basic Info:

CAS No:629-50-5
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Product Introduction:

Tridecane, the molecular formula is C₁₃H₂₈, a kind of alkane, which is a colorless and combustible liquid at room temperature.

At the same time, it is a short-chain aliphatic hydrocarbon containing 13 carbon atoms and has 802 isomers.

Tridecane is a volatile oil component separated from the essential oil of Piper aduncum L. It is soluble in ethanol and ether, but insoluble in water.

N-Tridecane is also a chemical ingredient released by brown stink bugs to defend against enemies.

It is one of the components of kerosene.

N-Tridecane is often used as a solvent, organic synthesis reagent, etc.

Nature and Specifications:

Product Packaging


Product Usage:

  • Tridecane can manufacture paraffin products for solvents, plastics industry and aviation kerosene.
  • N-Tridecane can also be used to produce products such as tridecane dibasic acid (Brazilic acid).
  • N-Tridecane is often used as a solvent-based feedstock oil in paint, rubber, latex, plastics and other industries, and a main additive for lubricant surfactants.
  • Used as high boiling point non-polar solvent, organic synthesis raw material, etc.
  • Aromatics can be used for chromatographic analysis of standard substances.

Safety Information of Tridecane:

  • Dangerous goods signs: Xi, Xn
  • Dangerous category code: 36/37/38-66-65
  • Safety instructions: 26-36-24/25-62
  • WGK Germany: 3
  • RTECS number: YD3025000
  • Auto-ignition temperature: >204 °C
  • TSCA: Yes

Related References:

  1. Behavioral response of predatory tiny pirate insects to tridecane – Springer.
  2. Simulate the degradation of tridecane under different soil water content – Eurasian Soil Science | springer.
  3. Wikipedia

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