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Name: Synthetic Fluorphlogopite

Cas: 12003-38-2

Purity: 99%min


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Product Introduction:

Mica is a group of important rock-forming minerals. According to the type and filling amount of cations in the octahedral sheet of the mica structure layer, mica can be divided into two octahedral types (such as muscovite and sodium mica) and three octahedral types (such as phlogopite and biotite).

Muscovite and phlogopite are important industrial minerals, which are widely used in modern industries such as electromechanical, chemical, radio wave, and advanced fields such as radar, aerospace, aviation, and pearlescent materials.

Synthetic Fluorphlogopite flake KMg3(A1Si3O10)F2 (also known as Synthetic Fluorphlogopite) is a layered silicate compound formed by high temperature reaction, melting, cooling, crystallization and growth of chemical and mineral raw materials. Because it does not contain a hydroxyl group, Synthetic Fluorphlogopite has excellent heat resistance and insulation.

KMg3(A1Si3O10)F2 is fired directly from the compound, so it has high purity and whiteness. The synthesized Synthetic Fluorphlogopite is widely used in mica titanium pearlescent pigments, cosmetic powders, plastics and ceramic fillers. At the same time, it is widely used in the electronics industry because of the excellent electrical insulation properties of Synthetic Fluorphlogopite.

Product Nature:

  • Melting point: 1383 °C
  • Whiteness: 90%
  • Water content: 0%
  • Loose density: 0.32g/cm3


Product NameSynthetic Fluorphlogopite Powder
CAS No.12003-38-2
Appearance White crystalline powder
Content99% min
Shelf Life2 years
Packing1kg/bag,25kg/bag or as your requirements

Performance of Synthetic Fluorphlogopite:

  • Optical performance

    • Synthetic Fluorphlogopite is colorless, transparent, glassy luster; biaxial crystal is negative light, optical axis angle 2V=14°±0.5°, refractive index is ng=1.513~1.544, nm=1.539~1.564, np=1.540~1.566. No pleochroism. Because Synthetic Fluorphlogopite contains less impurities, its transmittance from ultraviolet to infrared is higher than that of natural mica. Natural mica is basically impervious to ultraviolet light.

  • Mechanical behavior

    • The maximum hardness of Synthetic Fluorphlogopite is between 3 and 3.4, followed by phlogopite. Muscovite has the smallest hardness. Therefore, the peeling performance of muscovite is the best, followed by phlogopite. The peeling performance and flexibility of Synthetic Fluorphlogopite are poor. The tensile strength of KMg3(A1Si3O10)F2 is 100~200MPa; the compressive strength is 205~265MPa.

  • Electrical insulation performance

    • The synthetic fluorophlogopite has a dielectric strength of 185~238KV/mm, a volume resistivity of (3~6)×1015Ω•cm, a surface resistivity of 1013Ω, and a very low dielectric loss, with a dielectric constant of 5.8~6.3.

  • Thermal performance

    • The high-temperature thermal stability of KMg3(A1Si3O10)F2 is much better than that of natural mica, at 1200℃, and almost no weight loss. The melting point or crystallization temperature of Synthetic Fluorphlogopite is 1375±10°C, and the crystallization heat is 322MJ/kg.

  • Chemical stability

    • At room temperature, Synthetic Fluorphlogopite has no chemical effect in various concentrations of acid-base solutions. However, it can be slowly corroded in concentrated sulfuric acid at 300°C and soluble in hot hydrofluoric acid.

Product function:

The main forms of Synthetic Fluorphlogopite are mica flakes, broken mica, mica powder, etc., which are widely used in coatings, materials, papermaking, cosmetics, aerospace, electronics industry and other fields.

  1. Insulation materials-electronics and electrical industries
    • The excellent insulating properties of Synthetic Fluorphlogopite are widely used as insulating materials. In the electrical industry, KMg3(A1Si3O10)F2 paper series products are the most widely used and most widely used electrical insulating materials. Mica paper is produced by Synthetic Fluorphlogopite through pulverization, classification, pulping, papermaking, molding, pressing, drying and other steps. Mica boards can be made by methods such as gluing, and are widely used in the electronics and electrical industries.
  2. Synthetic Fluorphlogopite reinforced plastic
    • Synthetic Fluorphlogopite powder can also be used as an additive in plastic production materials to make modern engineering plastics with high strength, good elasticity and light weight. It can increase the hardness of composite materials, reduce flammability, reduce thermal expansion coefficient, reduce wear, and resist acid and alkali. It is the most competitive polymer. It can be used in important fields such as automobiles, airplanes, and defense industries, and can replace metal materials. .
  3. Synthetic Fluorphlogopite ceramic
    • The new KMg3(A1Si3O10)F2 ceramic composite material made of mica as a raw material can replace alumina porcelain, steatite porcelain, etc., and is widely used in the aviation industry, marine electrical appliances, electric high-speed trains and other fields.
  4. High-end cosmetics
    • The crushed mica produced during the production and processing of KMg3(A1Si3O10)F2 is ground and classified into mica powder with different particle size distributions. It has good dispersibility, UV resistance, fine texture, and elasticity, which can meet the special requirements of some high-end beauty cosmetics. , Is a high-quality raw material in the beauty and cosmetics industry.
  5. Synthetic Fluorphlogopite coating
    • Synthetic Fluorphlogopite powder is widely used in the field of coatings, such as: cars, architectural decoration coatings, pearlescent inks, films, etc. In the rubber industry, Synthetic Fluorphlogopite powder is a good lubricant and release agent.


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