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Name: Sorbitol powder

Cas: 50-70-4

Purity: 99%min


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Retain Water, Sweetener



What is sorbitol?

  • Sorbitol powder, also known as sorbitol, hexanol, and D-sorbitol, is a non-volatile polysaccharide alcohol with stable chemical properties, not easily oxidized by air, and easily soluble in water, hot ethanol, methanol, isopropanol, butane Alcohol, cyclohexanol, phenol, acetone, acetic acid and dimethylformamide.
  • It is widely distributed in the fruits of plants in nature, is not easy to be fermented by various microorganisms, has good heat resistance, and does not decompose at high temperatures (200°C). It was originally isolated from the mountain strawberry by Boussingault in France.
  • It is an isomer with mannitol, tyrolol and galactitol. It has a refreshing sweetness, the sweetness is 65% of that of sucrose, and the calorific value is very low.
  • Sorbitol powder has good hygroscopicity and has a wide range of functions in food, daily chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. When used in food, it can prevent food from drying and aging, extend product shelf life, and effectively prevent sugar in food. Crystals of salt etc. precipitate out.

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  1. Daily chemical industry
    Sorbitol powder is used as an excipient, moisturizer, and antifreeze for toothpaste, and the amount added can reach 25-30%, which can maintain the lubricity of the paste and improve its color and taste. increase.
    As a cosmetic anti-drying agent (instead of glycerin), it can increase the elasticity and lubricity of emulsifiers and is suitable for long-term storage. Sorbitan fatty acid esters and their ethylene oxide adducts have the advantage of being less irritating to the skin and are widely used in the cosmetics industry.
  2. Food industry
    Adding sorbitol powder to foods can prevent them from cracking and keep them fresh and tender. It has a clear effect when used on bread and cakes.
    Sorbitol has a lower sweetness than sucrose and is not used by some bacteria. It is an important ingredient in sugar-free candies and various dental caries preventive foods.
    The metabolism of this product does not raise blood sugar levels, so it can also be used as a sweetener and nutrient in diabetic foods.
    Sorbitol powder does not contain aldehyde groups, is not easily oxidized, and does not undergo a Maillard reaction with amino acids when heated.
    It has a certain level of bioactivity and can prevent the degeneration of carotenoids, edible fats and proteins. Adding this product to condensed milk extends shelf life and improves the color and flavor of the small intestine. Clear stabilization and long-term storage is possible. Of fish sauce. Jam and jam have the same effect.
  3. Pharmaceutical industry
    Sorbitol powder can be used as a raw material for the production of vitamin C. It can also be used as a syrup, injection and infusion, medical tablets, drug dispersants, fillers, antifreezes, anti-crystallization agents and traditional Chinese ingredients. Medicinal stabilizers, wetting agents, capsule plasticizers, sweeteners, ointment bases, etc.
  4. Chemical industry
    Sorbitol rosin resin is often used as a raw material for building paints and can be used as a plasticizer and lubricant for polymers such as polyvinyl chloride resin.
    It forms a complex with iron, copper and aluminum ions in an alkaline solution and is used for bleaching and cleaning in the textile industry.
    Sorbitol powder and propylene oxide are used as starting materials for the production of rigid polyurethane foam and have specific flame retardancy.


Product NameDenatonium Benzoate
CAS No.3734-33-6
Appearance White crystalline powder
Content99.5% min
Loss on drying0.1% max

Other miscellaneous:

  • Sorbitol is often used as a humectant and thickener in modern cosmetics. Some clear gels have a sufficiently high refractive index for clear formulations and can only be made with sorbitol. It is also used as a humectant in some cigarettes.

  • Sorbitol is used as an antifreeze in the production of surimi (mixed with sucrose and sodium polyphosphate). Surimi is a highly refined raw fish sauce product, most often produced from Alaskan cod. [Reference required]

  • The combination of Sorbitol and Caexarate can help the body remove excess potassium from hyperkalemia. Caexarate exchanges sodium ions for potassium ions in the intestine, but sorbitol helps eliminate it.

  • The combination of sorbitol and potassium nitrate has achieved some success as amateur solid rocket fuel.

  • Sorbitol is often used in mouthwashes because it is said to help fight dental plaque when mixed with certain other ingredients.


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