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Sodium Thiosulfate

Name: Sodium Thiosulfate

Cas: 7772-98-7

Purity: 99%min


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Chemical Structure

Sodium Thiosulfate

Basic Info:

CAS No:7772-98-7
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Product Introduction:

Sodium thiosulfate, also known as Tiosulfato de sodio pentahidratado, is a commonly used chemical raw material.

Sodium Thiosulfate is a thiosulfate, colorless, transparent monoclinic crystal. It is quickly soluble in water, takes in heat after liquifying in water (cooling down to remove lower warmth), the aqueous service is weakly alkaline, easily soluble in ammonia water, however insoluble in alcohol.

Sodium thiosulfate is a sulfur donor with active sulfur atoms. Through sulfur transferase, it can bind to CN-free or bound to methemoglobin in vivo. It is turned into thiocyanate with little toxicity, which is detoxified by excretion in urine.

As a common chemical raw material, it is used as a fixer in the photographic, film and printing industry.

There are 2 types of Sodium Thiosulfate: Sodium Thiosulfate anhydrous (Na2S2O3) as well as Sodium Thiosulfate pentahydrate (Na2S2O3 5H2O), the latter likewise called soda and also sea waves.

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Nature and Specifications:

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Physicochemical Properties of Sodium Thiosulfate:

Sodium Thiosulfate loses all crystal water at 0 ° C, decomposes when it is more than 100 ° C, and is quickly weathered in warm completely dry air.

Slightly deliquescence in humid and also hot air, conveniently soluble in water and also turpentine, insoluble in ethanol, has solid reducing residential properties, and disintegrates in acidic solution.

Sodium Thiosulfate is conveniently oxidized and carbonized by oxygen and co2 when exposed to air for a long period of time.

Chemical Reaction Display: 

Sodium thiosulfate has decreasing buildings and also is a medium-strength lowering agent. As an example, it can be oxidized by chlorine: Na2S2O3 +4 Cl2 +5 WATER=Na2SO4+H2SO4 +8 HCl. This reaction is used in the textile and also paper industry, and sodium thiosulfate is made use of for dechlorination. representative.

For one more example, it can be oxidized to sodium tetrasulfate by iodine: Na2S2O3+I2=Na2S4O6 +2 Nal, which is utilized for quantitative decision of iodine in analytical chemistry. It can additionally be used for tanning leather, extracting silver from ores, etc.

Because there are different oxidation states of sulfur in the sodium thiosulfate particle, it is secure in alkaline medium as well as unsteady in acidic tool. When acidified, a redox response occurs to precipitate sulfur: Na2S2O3+H2SO4=Na2SO4+H2S2O3H2S2O3=H2SO3+SH2SO3 =H2O+S02.

Thiosulfate ions are intricate as well as can form stable complicateds with specific steel ions. +NaBr, so Haibo is commonly used as a repairing remedy for digital photography.

It can be acquired by co-cooking with sodium sulfite as well as sulfur, filtering, crystallizing and evaporating.

Product Usage:

  1. At present, sodium thiosulfate is commonly used in the manufacture of fixer powder and in the formulation of fixer and desiccant in the photographic industry.
  2. It is utilized in the tanning industry as a lowering agent for dichromate in tanning.
  3. Salt Thiosulfate can be made use of as a neutralizer for nitrogen-containing exhaust gas, a mordant, a whitening representative for straw and wool, as well as a dechlorination agent for pulp bleaching.
  4. It is used as a chelating representative and also anti-oxidant in the food sector, and also as a cleaning agent, anti-bacterial, etc in the pharmaceutical sector.
  5. Sodium Thiosulfate is additionally utilized in the manufacture of tetraethyl lead, color intermediates, etc and also the extraction of silver from ores.

Agricultural and Pharmaceutical Uses:

  • In pesticides, Sodium Thiosulfate can be used to synthesize insecticides, insecticides, insecticides, and borer.
  • It is used to make a new type of insecticide, with systemic conduction and strong contact and stomach toxicity, and can control rice borer, rice borer, rice leaf roller, rice thrips and vegetable and fruit tree pests

Used as an Antidote

  • Sodium thiosulfate is a sulfur-donating agent with active sulfur atoms. Through sulfur transferase, it can combine with CN- free or bound to methemoglobin in the body, turning it into thiocyanate with little toxicity. , detoxified by excretion in urine.
  • This product reacts with arsenic and mercury compounds to generate non-toxic sulfide, and reacts with iodide to generate non-toxic new iodide for detoxification.
  • It is mainly used to rescue cyanide poisoning, but also can be used for bromine blue poisoning, as well as arsenic, mercury, lead, bismuth, iodine and other poisoning. Urticaria etc.

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