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Name: Sodium Gluconate

Cas: 527-07-1

Purity: 99%min


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Product Introduction:

Sodium gluconate, also known as sodium pentahydroxyhexanoate, is a white or light yellow crystalline powder, easily soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol, and insoluble in ether.

Sodium gluconate is a common organic sodium salt with a wide range of uses. Sodium gluconate is a deep-processed product of glucose, and it is also the basic raw material of gluconolactone and gluconate (zinc, copper, ferrous salt). Sodium gluconate can be used as a dietary supplement, hardener and buffer. In the food industry.

This product has high thermal stability and does not deliquesce. Due to the excellent chelating properties of sodium gluconate, it is widely used in industrial fields such as water treatment, electroplating, metal and non-metal surface cleaning, and cement manufacturing. , Medicine, light industry and other industries have a wide range of uses.

Product Nature:

  • Melting point 170-175°C
  • Specific optical rotation [α]D20+11~+13°(c=10,H2O)
  • Storage conditions Storebelow+30°C.
  • Solubility H2O: 0.1g/mL, clear
  • PH value 7.0-8.0 (100g/l, H2O, 20℃)


Product NameSodium Gluconate Powder
CAS No.527-07-1
Appearance White crystalline powder
Content99% min
Shelf Life2 years
Packing1kg/bag,25kg/bag or as your requirements

Product function:

Sodium gluconate is widely used in food and industry. Sodium gluconate can be used in construction, textile printing and dyeing, metal surface treatment and water treatment industries, steel surface cleaners, glass bottle cleaners, and high-efficiency chelating agents for aluminum in the electroplating industry. Used as high-efficiency retarder and high-performance water reducer in oxide coloring and concrete industry.

  1. Used in the food industry
    • Sodium gluconate can replace table salt: the salty taste of sodium gluconate is similar to table salt, but the molecular weight of sodium is only 10.5%. Compared with table salt, the sodium content of the former is only 1/4. the latter. In addition, compared with other low-salt salts, it has no irritation, no bitter taste, and has the advantages of saltiness, making it an ideal substitute for table salt. At present, it is widely used in food fields such as salt-free soy sauce and bread. In white bread, sodium gluconate is used to completely replace sodium chloride. This has no effect on the quantity of bread, nor will it affect the overall flavor or shelf life.
    • Sodium gluconate can improve the flavor of food. This product has the functions of hiding the bitter taste of food, hiding peculiar smell and improving taste, and is very effective in improving the flavor of food. By adding sodium gluconate to low-fat cheese, the original bitterness of low-fat cheese is eliminated and the overall taste is improved. Comparing the flavors of sodium gluconate and lactone tofu with gypsum as a coagulant, we found that they are softer, more delicious, and more nutritious.
    • Sodium gluconate can enhance the nutritional properties of food: it can enhance the nutritional properties of food. For example, through a detailed study of the cheese hardening phenomenon, it forms a soluble compound with the calcium ions and lactate ions in the cheese, thereby increasing the solubility of calcium lactate, which not only effectively prevents the cheese from hardening, but also ensures that the cheese is hardened. I know I can do it. The nutritional value of cheese.
  2. Used as a cleaner for steel surfaces
    • If the steel surface needs to be electroplated, chrome-plated, tin-plated, nickel-plated and other special purposes, such as tinplate, galvanized sheet, surface chrome plating (electroplating), billet surface coating and steel surface must be thoroughly cleaned to make it tightly coupled. At this time, adding sodium gluconate to the cleaning agent will have an ideal effect.
  3. Used as cement admixture
    • Adding a certain amount of sodium gluconate to the cement can increase the plasticity and strength of the concrete, and has the effect of delaying the initial and final hardening time of the concrete.
  4. Used as a special cleaning agent for glass bottles
    • The professional glass bottle cleaner with sodium gluconate as the main prescription can solve the following common problems: weak cleaning power, easy clogging of bottle washer nozzles and pipes, bottle stickers and bottlenecks. The ability to decolorize rust and trace residues (such as phosphate residues) is insufficient, which is not ideal for food safety. The washing water is discharged as a public hazard.
  5. Used as water quality stabilizer
    Due to its excellent anti-corrosion and anti-scaling effects, sodium gluconate is widely used as a water quality stabilizer in petrochemical companies’ circulating cooling water systems, low-pressure boilers, and internal combustion engine cooling water systems. .. Because it has the following special advantages:
    1. It has obvious regulating effect. It is suitable for mixing molybdenum, silicon, phosphorus, tungsten, nitrite, etc., and the combined effect greatly improves the corrosion inhibition effect.
    2. The corrosion inhibition rate increases with the increase of temperature. Generally speaking, the corrosion inhibitor will decrease with the increase of temperature, or even completely lose its effectiveness. Sodium gluconate is just the opposite. Within a certain range, as the temperature increases, the corrosion inhibition rate increases.
    3. Strong anti-scaling ability: due to its strong ability to form complexes with calcium, magnesium, and iron salts, it has an excellent anti-scaling effect in the entire pH range, especially for Fe3+.
    4. Eliminate public hazards. Sodium gluconate is used as a corrosion and scale inhibitor to circulate cooling water to eliminate public hazards. This is an advantage that other corrosion and scale inhibitors currently in use cannot match.


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