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What is Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate?

Sodium dodecyl sulfate, also known as AS, referred to as SDS, is an anionic surfactant, alias: coco alcohol (or lauryl alcohol) sodium sulfate, K12, sles, etc.

Sodium lauryl sulfate is an anionic surfactant, which is a typical representative of sulfate surfactants, with the structural formula CH3(CH2)11OSO3Na.

Sls properties: white to slightly yellow powder with slight special gas, HLB value of 40. Non-toxic, insensitive to alkali and hard water, with decontamination, emulsifying and excellent foaming power.

A little soluble in alcohol, insoluble in chloroform and also ether, conveniently soluble in water, and has excellent compatibility with anions and also non-ions. Sodium dodecyl sulfate has good emulsifying, frothing, frothing, penetrating, sanitizing and dispersing residential or commercial properties. It has bountiful foam and also fast biodegradation, but its water solubility is substandard to that of fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether sulfate (AES for brief).

Salt dodecyl sulfate is extensively made use of as a foaming representative in toothpaste, soap, body laundry, shampoo, washing powder, as well as cosmetics.

At present, there is no proof that this item is carcinogenic, and high doses may undoubtedly irritate the skin. When it is utilized as a frothing agent in basic washroom items, the concentration is limited, as well as it is in line with the standards of various countries in the world, so you don't have to stress.

Sodium dodecyl sulfate paramete

CAS No.: 151-21-3
MF: C12H25NaO4S
Place of Origin: Shandong, China
Appearance: White Powder
Brand Name: LOOK Chemical
Product name: Sodium dodecyl sulfate(K12)
Color: White Powder
(Na2SO4)/%: 2.5
Moisture and volatiles /%: 3
Whiteness (WG)≥: 80
Other Names: SDS
EINECS No.: 205-788-1
Purity: 99%
Usage: Detergent Raw Materials
Model Number: LYN-JYJ-151-21-3
Application: Used for toothpaste
Active substance content /%: 92
(NaCl)/%: 0.15
PH (1% aqueous solution)≥: 6.5-10.5


Test items Index value Measured value Detection method
Exterior White needle White needle Visual inspection
Active matter content (%) ≥92 92.19 GB/T15963-2008
Petroleum ether soluble content (%) ≤2.0 0.90 GB/T15963-2008
Sodium sulfate content (%) ≤4.8 3.32 GB/T15963-2008
Sodium chloride content (%) 0.03 GB/T15963-2008
Moisture (%) ≤4.0 3.56 GB/T15963-2008
PH value (1% aqueous solution) 7.5-10 9.72 QB/T2900-2012
WB ≥90 94.0 GB/T15963-2008
test results qualified


[use 1] used as detergent and textile auxiliaries, also used as toothpaste foaming agent, mine fire extinguishing agent, emulsion polymerization emulsifier, wool cleaning agent, etc.

[use 2] as anionic surface active agent, emulsifier and foaming agent.

[use 3] Used as a processing aid in the food industry.Foaming agent;Emulsifier;Anionic surfactant.Used for cake, beverage, protein, fresh fruit, fruit juice beverage, edible oil, etc.

[use 4] as an emulsifier for drugs, cosmetics and synthetic resins.The foaming agent of toothpaste and fire extinguisher.Used as a detergent for fine fabrics of silk and wool.Flotation agent for metallic ore dressing.

[use 5]Used for washing and textile auxiliaries, foaming agent, also used as toothpaste foam liquid, emulsion polymerization emulsifier, medical use emulsifying dispersant, shampoo and other makeup products, wool cleaner.

[use 6] biochemical analysis, electrophoresis, ion pair reagent.

Application of sls in the Formulation of Pharmaceutical Preparations

1. Solubilization Sodium dodecyl sulfate is an amphiphilic compound with different hydrophilic and hydrophobic groups in its molecule, and is a commonly used solubilizer and co-solvent in pharmaceutical preparations.
Although Sodium dodecyl sulfate is a conventional solubilizer, there are also abnormal situations in different drug prescriptions, so it should be paid attention to in the process of drug development.

2. Disintegration Adding an appropriate amount of SLS to the tablet can improve the wettability of the tablet, accelerate the penetration of water, increase the dissolution rate of the drug, and make the tablet disintegrate faster.

3. Emulsification Sodium dodecyl sulfate is a commonly used emulsifier in emulsions and is used to formulate O/W emulsion bases.
The HLB value of SLS is about 40, and the commonly used dosage is 5-20 g·L-1, but the excessive dosage has little effect on reducing the surface tension.
It is often used in combination with other W/O emulsifiers (glycerol monostearate, fatty acid sorbitan, etc.) to adjust the HLB value of the cream system, and the emulsification effect is better.
With the increase of the dosage of Sodium dodecyl sulfate, the gel fraction of the emulsion and the particle size of the latex particles gradually decreased, the particle size distribution became narrower, the monomer conversion rate, the absolute value of Zeta potential and the emulsion viscosity gradually increased, and the stability of the emulsion gradually increased. Okay.

4. Antibacterial effect Sls disintegrates the cell membrane, it binds to the hydrophobic portion of membrane proteins and separates from the membrane.
High concentrations of SLS can also disrupt non-covalent bonds such as ionic and hydrogen bonds in proteins, and even change the conformation of proteins.
Sls has an antibacterial effect against Gram-positive bacteria and is more effective against Staphylococcus aureus.
The killing effect of levulinic acid-SLS in a certain concentration range on Escherichia coli and Mycobacterium smegmatis gradually increased with the prolongation of time.

5. Lubrication Sodium dodecyl sulfate can be used as a lubricant in general solid preparations, and its lubricating efficiency is comparable to that of magnesium stearate, but it does not reduce tablet compressibility.
In addition, SLS-containing tablets also improved in vitro dissolution compared to magnesium stearate-containing tablets.

6. Anti-static effect Studies have shown that SLS itself has anti-static properties and is suitable for use in pellet coating.
During most of the time of pellet coating, the pellet surface is in a slightly wet state, and the partially dissociated Sls has a certain conductivity, which is beneficial to eliminate static electricity.

7. Improve the performance of coating powder or capsule shell The coating material requires stable properties, non-toxicity, elasticity, no cracks, and no influence on disintegration. Adding SLS to the coating powder is beneficial to improve the performance of the coating powder.
In addition, adding SLS to gelatin can increase the gloss of the capsule shell.

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