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Name: Sodium Butyrate

Cas: 156-54-7

Purity: 99%min


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Chemical Structure

Sodium Butyrate

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CAS No:156-54-7
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Product Introduction:

Sodium butyrate (NaB) is the sodium salt of n-butyric acid, the molecular formula is C4H7O2Na, and the molecular weight is 110.0869.

Sodium butyrate is generally white to off-white, hygroscopic powder, fluffy, and has a special cheese-like rancid smell.

It is hygroscopic, easily soluble in water, the PH of the aqueous solution is alkaline, and it is stable to light and heat.

Sodium butyrate is dissociated into butyrate (C4H7O2-) and sodium ion (Na+) in animals.

Butyric acid is a short-chain fatty acid with the characteristics of water and lipid amphiphilic, among which it is more lipophilic. It is not easy to decompose when the pH is 4~6.

Therefore, butyric acid can protect animals from an acidic environment after ingestion, and play a role in the cecum and colon.

The final metabolites of butyrate are ketone bodies and carbon dioxide, which provide about 75% of the energy for intestinal mucosal cells.

At present, sodium butyrate is often used as a feed additive.

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Product Usage:

Sodium Butyrate is among the frequently made use of feed ingredients.

As a deacetylase inhibitor, Sodium Butyrate can enhance the degree of histone acetylation. Research studies have found that Sodium Butyrate can hinder tumor cell spreading, advertise growth cell senescence and apoptosis.

The application approach in production is primarily to add Sodium Butyrate products to animal feed, which can play the role of intestinal tract mucosal nourishment representative, electrolyte balance regulator, stomach microecological regulatory authority, substance acidulant, seasoning agent, food attractant, etc effect.

It decreases the release of intracellular Ca2+, inhibits histone deacetylase (HDAC), and generates apoptosis.

The Mechanism of Action of Sodium Butyrate:

  • Maintain the beneficial microbial flora in the gut

There are numerous different floras in the gut, and also it is due to the communication of these floras that the feed can be completely absorbed by the pigs.

The beneficial flora in the digestive tract are lactobacilli, bifidobacteria, etc.

Sodium butyrate has a selective repressive impact on bacterial vegetation.

  • Promote the expansion as well as maturation of intestinal cells

Small intestinal tract epithelial cells in young animals have shorter villi and immature crypts, which are less able to produce digestion enzymes and also absorb dietary nutrients.

Butyric acid is a quick power resource for digestive epithelial cells, which can boost the growth and repair work of intestinal tract villi cells by restoring intermediate cells, increase the height of small digestive villi, decrease the deepness of crypts, increase the proportion of villus height to crypt deepness, and also maintain the typical shape of the digestive tract mucosa.

Enhance piglets due to inadequate nutrient absorption as a result of immature intestinal villi and also crypts, leading to feed waste.

  • Promote the immune feature of animals

The intestine is not just the location where animals absorb as well as take in nutrients, but additionally has vital immune functions.

Intestinal mucosal barriers include mechanical barriers, immunological obstacles, molecular filters, chemical obstacles as well as organic obstacles.

The intestinal tract mucosal resistance is the body’s very first line of defense versus infection. Gut-associated lymphocytes primarily consist of mast cells, lymphocytes as well as goblet cells, which play an important role in avoiding intestinal tract conditions.

Salt butyrate can dramatically increase the variety of pole cells, intraepithelial lymphocytes and cup cells, and also boost the obstacle function of the intestinal mucosa.

Salt butyrate can likewise promote the development of immune body organs of weaned hogs, increase the quantity of IgG as well as IgA in product, and boost the sensitivity of the immune action of the gastrointestinal system.

  • Promote the feeding of animals

As a result of the palatability of numerous feeds, the animals do not eat up to the excellent degree of feed consumption, which influences development performance.

Salt butyrate has an ester smell like rancidity of cheese.

When sodium butyrate is contributed to the feed, the unique smell of salt butyrate can generate a rise in animal feed consumption, thereby boosting animal weight gain as well as enhancing financial advantages.

  • Energy Substances as animals

The recommended power source for normal incurable ileal mucosa is butyrate, followed by glutamate and glucose.

Butyric acid has water as well as lipid amphiphilic buildings, and also is not quickly decomposed when the pH is 4 ~ 6. After feeding, part of the tiny intestine can stay clear of the acidic environment as well as straight go into the cecum and colon.

The butyric acid in the digestive tract epithelial cells passes through the fat. β-oxidation is converted to butyrate-CoA by butyrate-CoA synthase, and afterwards acetyl-CoA is quickly created for basal metabolism.

Butyrate oxidation can straight provide power for digestive tract epithelial cells without undergoing hepatobiliary absorption as well as facility tricarboxylic acid cycle, as well as is a fast energy resource for intestinal epithelium.

Application of Sodium Butyrate in Pig Production:

  • Application in piglet manufacturing

Due to the imperfect development of various organs, piglets will have diarrhea after weaning, leading to stunted development or fatality.

Many studies have shown that the addition of salt butyrate to the feed can enhance the immunity of hogs and also enhance development performance to differing degrees.

  • Application in finishing pig production

Salt butyrate has an unique smell, as well as it is exactly because of this special physical property that when salt butyrate is added to the feed, the pig will certainly raise the feed consumption because of the inductive result of the eat the pig.

At the same time, salt butyrate can also boost the immune feature of pigs, thus boosting production performance.

  • Application in sow production

Sodium butyrate can advertise the proliferation of digestive mucosal immune cells as well as boost the resistance of plants.

Sodium butyrate has a good feeding effect, which can boost the feed intake of sows. At the same time, sodium butyrate is a fast energy resource for intestinal epithelial cells, which advertises the absorption of short-chain fats, therefore increasing the milk fat rate and also milk production in milk.

In addition, sodium butyrate can reach piglets through milk, promote the development and maturity of the gastrointestinal tract of piglets, maintain the health of the intestinal tract, and reduce the occurrence of yellow, white diarrhea and diarrhea symptoms in piglets.

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