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Classification: Chemical Auxiliary Agent
Other Names: Silicone oil
EINECS No.: 203-492-7
Place of Origin: Shandong, China
Usage: Coating Auxiliary Agents, Plastic Auxiliary Agents
Model Number: ZL- 63148-62-9
Appearance: Colorless Transparent Liquid
Melting point: Below zero59 °C(lit.)
Denisity: 0.963 g/mL at 25 °C
CAS No.: 63148-62-9
MF: C6H18OSi2
Purity: 100%
Type: Carbon Black
Brand Name: Lookchemical
Application: industry used
Molecular weight: 162.38
Boilling point: 101 °C(lit.)

Product Introduction

Silicone oil generally refers to linear polysiloxane products that remain liquid at room temperature, and are generally classified into two types: methyl silicone oil and modified silicone oil.

The most commonly used silicone oil-methyl silicone oil, also known as ordinary silicone oil, its organic groups are all methyl, methyl silicone oil has good chemical stability, insulation, and good hydrophobic properties.

Silicone oil has heat resistance, electrical insulation, weather resistance, hydrophobicity, physiological inertia and small surface tension. In addition, it also has a low viscosity-temperature coefficient, high compression resistance, and some varieties also have radiation resistance.

It is a kind of organic silicon product with a wide variety of applications.


Appearance : clear, colorless liquid
Density: 0.963
Melting Point: -50ºC
Boiling Point: 101ºC(lit.)
Flash Point: 300ºC
Refractive Index: 1.403-1.406
Stability: Stable. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents.
Storage Condition: Keep away from sources of ignition. Store in a cool, dry place. Store in a tightly closed container.
Vapor Density: >1 (vs air)


1.Silicon oil is used as defoamer in food, cosmetics, paper making, water treatment, detergent, sugar making, fermentation, coating, textile printing and dyeing, drilling and oil refining, hydraulic oil and advanced lubricating oil, demoulding agent and many other aspects; Used as raw materials of silicone resin and silicone rubber; Raw materials of adhesive; Additives for flame retardant plastics; Raw materials of insulating materials; Also used as wetting agent, leather finishing agent, etc.

2.There are different kinds of viscosity. High heat resistance, water resistance, electrical insulation and less surface tension. Commonly used as high grade lubricating oil, shockproof oil, insulating oil, defoaming agent, demoulding agent, polishing agent, isolating agent and vacuum diffusion pump oil; Emulsion can be used for automotive tire glazing, dashboard glazing, etc. The methyl silicone oil is most commonly used. Smooth and soft handle finishing for textile finishing after emulsification or modification. Emulsified silicone oil is also added to shampoo of daily care products to improve the lubrication of hair. In addition, there are ethyl silicone oil, methyl phenyl silicone oil, containing nitrile silicone oil, polyether modified silicone oil (water soluble silicone oil) and so on.

3.Used as high grade lubricating oil, anti-vibration oil, insulating oil, defoaming agent, depatching agent, polishing agent and vacuum diffusion pump oil, etc

4.Used for metal surface moistureproof, antirust coating, also can be used for building surface waterproof coating

Characteristics and Advantages of Silicone Oil

Silicone oil is light yellow or colorless, odorless, non-toxic and non-volatile liquid.

It is obtained by hydrolyzing dimethyldichlorosilane with water to get the primary polycondensation ring body.

The ring body is cracked as well as remedied to obtain the low ring body, and afterwards the ring body, topping representative, and stimulant are created to acquire each A mixture of various levels of polymerization can be distilled under lowered pressure to eliminate low-boiling substances to obtain silicone oil.

Silicone oil is insoluble in water and also has a high degree of compatibility with numerous components in cosmetics, decreasing the dampness of the product.

It is made use of as a co-solvent as well as solid powder dispersant for rejuvenating creams, emulsions, face cleansers, printer toners, Make-up, perfume.

Silicone oil has exceptional heat resistance, oxidation resistance, and low temperature level resistance, and can be used for a long period of time in the temperature variety of -50 ° C to +180 ° C. It has strong shear resistance, greater than 20 times the compressibility of basic mineral oil, and is an optimal fluid springtime.

Reduced temperature level thickness coefficient, low vapor pressure, reduced surface area tension, excellent water rise and lubricity; outstanding electric buildings, high malfunction voltage resistance, arc resistance, corona resistance, and low dielectric intake.

It additionally has the advantages of great light transmission as well as non-toxic impacts on the human body.

In recent years, Silicone Oil has Been Widely Used in Various Industries

Today, silicone oil is mostly made use of as high-grade lubricating oil, anti-vibration oil, protecting oil, defoaming representative, release representative, brightening representative, launch representative as well as vacuum diffusion pump oil.

Its solution products can be utilized for auto tire glazing, dashboard glazing and so on.

Various nations have various nationwide problems, as well as there is a huge gap in the intake framework of silicone oil emulsion. The consumption structure of Europe and also the United States is offered below:

1. Daily chemical industry:
Silicone emulsions are extensively used in cosmetics. Including an ideal quantity of items can make the cosmetics have the advantages of lubrication, resistance to sunlight and also ultraviolet radiation, and also great air permeability.

At the exact same time, as a result of the hydrophobic residential or commercial properties of silicone oil, it can improve the waterproof and sweat resistance of cosmetics.

2. Textile sector:
Silicone oil can be utilized as textile conditioner, lube, waterproofing agent, completing representative and so forth in the fabric and garment market.

In order to satisfy the high-end demands of fabrics, chemical item producers are additionally constantly developing silicone oils that can be used with various functional additives such as waterproofing agents, flame retardants, antistatic representatives, and also repairing representatives.

In addition, in order to boost the efficiency of the material, there are silicone items that can be made use of in the same bathroom with dyeing, silicone oil for cotton with a great feeling, as well as silicone products that can boost the feel of the textile.

And also this product can provide materials excellent darkening result, good storage space security, no influence on shade fastness, excellent hand sensation silicone deepening representative, etc.

Along with being made use of as ingredients in fabrics to realize the functionalization of fabrics, silicone products will also be applied to various other locations in textiles.

The mix of organosilicon as well as polyurethane forms a coating on the textile, the polymerization of organosilicon and also acrylic acid to form a textile printing, and the mix of organosilicon as well as natural fluorine forms a water resistant coating on the surface area of the textile.

3. Equipment
Damping and shock absorption: Silicone oil is commonly used in electric motors, electric appliances, and electronic tools as a shielding tool that is immune to temperature, arc corona, wetness, rust, and dirt. It is likewise made use of as an impregnation of scanning transformers for transformers, capacitors, as well as televisions etc

In different precision equipment, meters and also tools, it is used as a fluid anti-vibration and also damping product.

Given that the shock absorption efficiency of silicone oil is much less impacted by temperature, it is mostly used in applications where there are solid mechanical resonances as well as large modifications in ambient temperature level, such as airplane and also auto meters.

It is made use of for anti-vibration, damping, and secure tool readings. It can likewise be used as a fluid springtime and also utilized in the touchdown equipment of an aircraft.

Thermal conductivity: Thermal conductive silicone oil is currently the most extensively utilized warmth transfer tool. It is an ester created by heating, unwinding, grinding and other processes based on silicone oil as a raw material and also adding thickeners and also other fillers. The compound has a particular thickness without obvious graininess.

The working temperature level of thermal grease is typically -50 ℃ ~ 180 ℃. It has excellent thermal conductivity, heat resistance, maturing resistance as well as water-proof attributes.

The biggest feature of thermally conductive silica gel is its hard appearance after solidification, and also its thermal conductivity is somewhat lower than that of thermally conductive silicone grease.

Trimming fluid: Silicone oil is contributed to the reducing liquid for lubrication and also defoaming.

Demoulding: Due to the fact that it is not sticky with rubber, plastics, steels, and so on, silicone oil can be commonly utilized as a launch representative for the molding and handling of various rubber and also plastic items. Its benefit is that it is convenient to make the surface area as well as demold of the product clean, smooth and also clear.

4. Medical and food sectors
The typically made use of clinical silicone oil is mainly polydimethylsiloxane, and its defoaming homes can be utilized to make anti-swelling tablets for treating abdominal distension and aerosols for dealing with pulmonary edema.

It can also be used as an anti-adhesion representative to prevent intestinal attachments in stomach surgical procedure, as a gastric defoamer and also a lubricant for some medical surgical tools in gastroscopy.

Silicone oil can additionally be made use of as a natural silicon defoamer for the food industry. Food-specific polysiloxane resin is emulsified with its products. Other products can be straight made use of in oil-based products. Such defoaming celebrations include fermentation and sugar manufacturing. As subdue lathering throughout the production of various other foods.

Silicone oil is a natural silicone oil made from food-grade silicone oil thickened by a not natural thickener and included with various additives such as anti-oxidation and also anti-corrosion.

Food quality silicone oil is designed to lube and also secure food processing devices. It does not contain any type of harmful compounds and also hefty steels and also is absolutely secure to food.

Silicone oil paper is a commonly utilized packaging paper with a three-layer framework, the initial layer is bottom paper, the second layer is coated, and also the third layer is silicone oil. Considering that silicone oil paper has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, wetness resistance and also oil resistance, it is generally used for product packaging in the food market.

5. Surface area treatment
Mostly made use of for waterproofing as well as anti-fouling of glass fiber products, with superb water resistant performance. After building products are treated with silicone oil, they can improve their wind erosion resistance and also water repellency.

Including 0.1% to 0.15% (mass portion) or higher solid material silicone oil emulsion in the mortar can present the above attributes and boost the simplicity of blending as well as fluidness of the mortar.

Asbestos, concrete, gypsum board, and so on can likewise be treated with silicone oil.

6. Defoamer
The application of silicone oil as a defoamer is incredibly large.

It is added as a defoaming agent in various process phases of fabric printing and dyeing, such as sizing, desizing, refining, dyeing and bleaching.

In the petrochemical sector, gas, oil and also exploration splitting up, demulsification, oil refining areas, in addition to lubes, reducing fluids, and so on 7. Other applications

Furthermore, silicone oil can likewise be utilized as various ingredients for silicone rubber, paint leveling representatives, antistatic agents, surfactants, etc, and also is widely made use of in lots of areas of life and industrial production.

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Keep away from sources of ignition. Store in a cool, dry place. Store in a tightly closed container.


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