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Name: Shellac

Cas: 9000-59-3

Purity: 99%min


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Chemical Structure

Basic Info:

CAS No:9000-59-3
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Product Introduction:

Shellac film, also known as shellac lacquer film or shellac film, is obtained by hot melting or solvent dissolving impurities from shellac lacquer film. The color of the final shellac film is different according to different requirements.

Main components Shellac resin, shellac pigment, shellac wax, sugar, protein, etc.

Shellac lacquer is a biological product, used in furniture and home interior paint. It has no pollutants, no irritating odor, no toxicity, and no allergic symptoms to the skin. It is a high-grade paint.

Covered on ordinary paints and coatings, it can prevent the leakage of formaldehyde gas from causing harm to the human body, and prevent toxic substances from directly contacting human skin.

Because of its reddish-brown color, film-forming properties, and impermeability to water vapor, shellac is often used to extract natural pigments to make furniture paints and insulation.

Nature and Specifications:

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Product Usage:

Since the main part of shellac sheet is shellac material, it has strong bond to smooth surface areas such as glass, steel, mica, and so on.

Its alcohol solution or alkaline service can stick well to the surface of various things, as well as develop a smooth, intense and also sturdy paint movie, and also it is non-toxic, so it can be commonly made use of in food, medication, armed forces, electric, ink, natural leather, metallurgy, machinery, wood, rubber and also various other industries.

Wood Market

  • Shellac lacquer sheet decoration is simple, easy to use, strong adhesion, quick drying out, smooth, hard, transparent, flexible, uniform gloss, as well as has excellent isolation of timber secretions, stupid amine colorants and also asphalt, etc or obstructing result, etc.
  • Shellac has actually long been made use of thoroughly in the timber industry
  • Specifically in the last few years, because of the toxicity of formaldehyde ending up representatives to the body.
  • Numerous premium timber and design have relied on shellac flake finishings.

Food Sector

  • Made use of for fruit conservation finish, it can form an intense movie, lengthen the life span of fruit as well as improve its commodity worth.
  • Used in confectionery and pastry finishings to boost illumination, avoid dampness gain back, as well as layer the inside of steel cans to avoid food contact with steel.

Natural Leather Industry

  • Protective and also intense coating, defined by quick drying, high filling up power and strong bond to natural leather, making it softer and also a lot more flexible with a stunning luster.

Armed Forces Market

  • Primarily used as ending up representative, insulating product and also retarder of gunpowder blend. And also used to manufacture anti-ultraviolet, anti-radiation army tools.

Electric Sector

  • Manufacture of shielding cardboard, laminated mica boards, ground electrical insulators, insulating varnishes, solder paste for light bulbs, fluorescent lights and electronic tubes.

Rubber Field

  • Shellac is mostly made use of as a surface finish or filler for rubber things, which can improve the beauty of rubber items and also enhance their wear resistance, oil resistance, acid resistance, water resistance as well as insulation.
  • Decrease the aging process, extend the life span, as well as improve the physical, mechanical, as well as also residences of rubber, such as toughness, tensile stamina, as well as tear resistance.

Paper Industry.

  • Producing protecting paper, industrial covering paper, Shellac is also utilized as a safety and decorative finish for coated paper, food wrapping paper, lampshade paper, and so on.

Other Aspects

  • Shellac is also made use of in the handling of clinical devices, suits, toothpicks, barrels, hats, mirrors, sporting items, sculptures, adhesives for jewelry handling and also other products.

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