Polyacrylic Acid CAS 9003-01-4

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Polyacrylic Acid

Name: Polyacrylic Acid

Cas: 9003-01-4

Purity: 99%min


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Chemical Structure

Polyacrylic Acid

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CAS No:9003-01-4
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General Description:

Poly(acrylic acid) (PAA, trade name: carbomer) is a general term for synthetic high molecular weight polymers of acrylic acid. The chemical formula is [C3H4O2]n, which is weakly acidic.

Polyacrylic acid has outstanding features such as very easy coloring, lightweight, hard to break, as well as excellent processing efficiency. It is usually used as a substitute for glass, optical lenses, lenses, and so on.

It can develop steady substances with steel ions, calcium, magnesium, and so on, and also has exceptional disintegration impact on calcium carbonate and calcium hydroxide in water.

The carbomer codes (910, 934, 940, 941 and 934P) indicate the molecular weight and specific composition of the polymer.

Nature and Specifications:

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Pharmaceutical Uses

  • Since Polyacrylic Acid is risk-free, stable, non-irritating and also inert, it is a polymer material extensively made use of in pharmaceutical It is frequently utilized in film covering.
  • It is frequently utilized in film covering, strong dispersion, sustained-release pellets, sustained-release matrix tablet computers and various It is frequently utilized in film covering, strong dispersion, sustained-release pellets, sustained-release matrix tablet computers and various other pharmaceutical objectives.
  • Furthermore, acrylic resin has far better efficiency as a pharmaceutical excipient and has a wide room for growth.


  • Polyacrylic acid is used as a film-forming agent and binder in leather finishes, as well as in the manufacture of polyacrylic resin emulsion paints.
  • It is used for the decoration of light leather such as face leather, garment leather, glove leather, etc. It can enhance the bending resistance, extension, light resistance, aging resistance, cold resistance and heat resistance of leather, and is the main finishing film-forming agent for finishing grain leather with pigment paste.
  • It is used to prepare leather and some high-grade products as finishing agent, and to make acrylic resin lacquer, etc.

Other Industrial Applications

  • Polyacrylic acid is used as scale inhibitor and dispersant in industrial water treatment. It has good compatibility and can be used as drinking water pretreatment.
  • Used to fix chromium salt, help tanning, reduce chromium pollution, etc.
  • Used to improve the processing performance of polyvinyl chloride.
  • Used as corrosion and scale inhibitor, water stabilizer, quenching agent, thickening agent, etc.
  • Used in the manufacture of cosmetics, do ointment can promote the absorption of gray yellow mold, and can be used for drug control release.
  • Used in the preparation of alumina to separate the red mud.
  • In the chlor-alkali plant used to refine brine.

Polyacrylic acid Molecular Weight

The use of polyacrylic acid can be divided according to the molecular weight. The molecular weight is between 10,000 and 1,000,000.

  • Molecular weight between 5000-10000, mainly for thickening. Polyacrylic acid thickener has fast thickening speed, fast efficiency and good biological stability, but it is sensitive to pH value, poor water resistance, low gloss and other shortcomings. , can be used as acidifying solution, thickener for cosmetics.
  • The molecular weight between 1 million and 10 million can be used for flocculation. Polyacrylic acid can be used for the treatment of industrial wastewater, the separation of electrolytic salt water and red mud.
  • With a molecular weight greater than 10 million, polyacrylic acid is no longer soluble in water, and it is easy to form a gel in water, forming a hydrogel to absorb water. It can be used as a water absorbing agent for cement water reduction, cement drilling dewatering, etc.

Structure and Properties of Polyacrylic Acid:

Polyacrylic acid resin has easy coloring, light weight, not easy to break, good processing properties and other excellent characteristics.

It is white powder in general state. It can form stable compounds with metal ions, calcium, magnesium, etc. It has excellent decomposition effect on calcium carbonate and calcium hydroxide in water. The molecular weight of polyacrylic acid used in water treatment is generally 2000-5000, which is miscible with water and soluble in ethanol and isopropanol.

The structure of acrylic resin determines the performance, as the application of conventional acrylic resin performance in a specific occasion there are certain defects, so the modification of the structure has become the basic way to broaden the application of acrylic resin in recent years.

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