Poly(hexamethylene diisocyanate) CAS 28182-81-2

Benzyltriethylammonium chloride
Benzyltriethylammonium Chloride
Poly(hexamethylene diisocyanate)

Name: Poly(hexamethylene diisocyanate)

Cas: 28182-81-2

Purity: 99%min


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Chemical Structure

Poly(hexamethylene diisocyanate)

Basic Info:

CAS No:28182-81-2
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Product Introduction:

Poly(hexamethylene diisocyanate) is an aliphatic polyisocyanate. Its most typically utilized items are in two types, Aliphatic polyisocyanate (HDI biuret) and Aliphatic polyisocyanate (HDI trimer).

Aliphatic polyisocyanate (HDI biuret) is additionally called Desmodur ® N 75 MPA is a biuret kind of aliphatic polyisocyanate; Aliphatic polyisocyanate (HDI trimer) is additionally called Desmodur ® N 3390 BA/SN is a trimer of aliphatic polyisocyanate body type.

Primarily utilized as a treating agent element for lightfast two-pack polyurethane coverings, this item has high chemical and weather condition resistance, excellent gloss retention as well as superb mechanical buildings.

Look Chemical is dedicated to generating high top quality Desmodur ® N 75 MPA and also Desmodur ® N 3390 BA/SN.

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Nature and Specifications:

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Product Usage:

Poly(hexamethylene diisocyanate) has outstanding homes such as weather condition resistance, put on resistance and corrosion resistance, and can be commonly utilized in finishings, adhesives, elastomer industries, specifically in the paint sector, consisting of one of the most extensively made use of isocyanurate-containing Agglomerated polyisocyanate treating representative.

Aliphatic polyisocyanates are generally used as curing agent parts of lightfast polyurethane layer systems. Provides high chemical and weather resistance, excellent gloss retention as well as superb mechanical residential or commercial properties. Preferred co-reactants are polyacrylate or polyester polyols.

Areas of application for Desmodur ® N 75 MPA as well as Desmodur ® N 3390 BA/SN:

  • The major applications of systems based on Desmodur ® N 75 are as air-drying and also force-drying finishings for auto as well as industrial ending up, timber, furniture as well as plastics as well as deterioration defense.
  • The major applications for systems based upon Desmodur ® N 3390 BA/SN are air-drying and also force-drying coatings for auto OEMs, automobile refinishing, transport, commercial completing as well as plastics.

This product is mostly utilized as a hardener in coatings or adhesives. Handling of layers or adhesives including reactive polyisocyanates and recurring monomer HDI calls for ideal defense as discussed in the safety and security information sheets.

For that reason, these items must just be used in commercial or commercial applications. They are not suitable for usage in home employee (DIY) applications.

Characteristics of Aliphatic Isocyanates:

Aliphatic diisocyanate substances have irreplaceable advantages in the synthesis of anti-yellowing coverings and coverings, and also are extensively used in the layers market.

Nevertheless, the reduced vapor pressure of aliphatic isocyanates as monomers limits their application, so it is much more typical to transform them into polyisocyanates by polymerization to boost the tolerance throughout processing and additional acquire Item with superb efficiency.

Both Desmodur ® N 75 MPA and also Desmodur ® N 3390 BA/SN can be used with esters, ketones and aromatic hydrocarbons such as ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, methoxypropyl acetate, acetone, methyl ethyl ketone, methyl isobutyl ketone, Cyclohexanone, toluene, xylene, Solvent Naphtha ® 100 and also mixtures thereof are thinned down.

In general, it has excellent compatibility with the listed solvents. However, the storage space stability of the solution created need to be evaluated. Just usage PU grade solvents (max. 0.05% water, no responsive teams such as hydroxyl or amino groups). Aliphatic hydrocarbons are not suitable as solvents.

Desmodur ® N 75 MPA must not be thinned down below 40% solids. Prolonged storage of solutions with low binder material might cause cloudiness and precipitation.

Desmodur ® N 3390 BA/SN is not compatible with branched polyester polyols (eg Desmophen ® 651) or polyether polyols (eg Desmophen ® 1380 BT).

Item Ingredients:

Desmodur ® N 75 MPA is primarily made up of hexamethylene diisocyanate biuret.

Desmodur ® N 3390 BA/SN is mainly made up of hexamethylene diisocyanate trimer.

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