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Osmanthus essential oil

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Name: Osmanthus essential oil

Cas: 68917-05-5

Purity: 99%min


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Product Introduction:

Osmanthus essential oil is extracted from golden osmanthus flowers by solvent method. Strictly speaking, it should be called osmanthus essence, and its color is yellow-brown. It is very beneficial to the female reproductive system and can help regulate female menstrual cycle problems.

Osmanthus essential oil has many uses, both on the skin and soul level. Osmanthus essential oil is the main biologically active component of Osmanthus fragrans, which is of great significance to the research on the chemical composition and biological activity of Osmanthus essential oil.


Product NameOsmanthus essential oil
CAS No.68917-05-5
Appearance Light yellow liquid
Content99% min
Shelf Life2 years
Packing1kg/bag,25kg/bag or as your requirements

Efficacy and effect:

Osmanthus essential oil can calm, aphrodisiac and antibacterial. It can purify the air, dispel the cold and dispel rheumatism, is effective for toothaches and coughs, beautify and whiten the skin, detoxify the body and laxative effects. Women’s use of osmanthus essential oil can make the skin tender, delay aging, and emit a light fragrance in the body. Men use osmanthus essential oil, which has aphrodisiac effect.

  1. Curative effect in mind: It has a good guiding effect on emotions and is an excellent emotional stimulant. Osmanthus oil has a certain relief effect on fatigue, headache, physical pain, etc. It is also a good mood enhancer during intercourse. Osmanthus essential oil is best for purifying the air.
  2. Body curative effect: relieve headache and physical pain, can invigorate the stomach, regulate the qi, can be used for cold compress or boiling water with a few drops of osmanthus oil to treat headaches and migraines. A warm towel will relieve your mental fatigue. Osmanthus bathing helps treat insomnia. Massage the osmanthus blended base oil to make osmanthus massage oil, which can be applied to the neck behind the ears or used as a physiological massage oil for the lower abdomen.
  3. Skin curative effect: promote blood circulation, improve tissues, keep the skin vigorous for skin massage, osmanthus oil has the effect of skin refining and beauty, osmanthus oil has the effect of moisturizing and moisturizing, can accelerate the blood circulation of the skin and improve the pale complexion .

Application field:

  1. Skin Care: Osmanthus essential oil contains ionone, so it is suitable for external oil, internal dryness, and skin with large pores. Osmanthus fragrans has a higher ionone content than purple leaves, so it has a very good ability to promote cell regeneration and is a rare skin care oil. Osmanthus essential oil can also promote blood circulation, improve cell tissue, stimulate skin vitality, promote skin blood circulation, and improve pale complexion problems.
  2. Body Care: Osmanthus essential oil can help relieve bronchial activity, relieve cough, reduce phlegm and relieve asthma. It can promote blood circulation and plays a good role in promoting blood circulation disorders caused by weather, lifestyle, and environmental factors. Osmanthus essential oil is also very good for reproductive aid. A woman’s lower abdomen massage can regulate hormones and promote regularity of the menstrual cycle.
  3. Mental maintenance: Osmanthus essential oil is an excellent emotional booster with specific relief from fatigue, headaches, physical pain and more. It is also a good mood booster during intercourse.



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