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Basic Info:

CAS No:2444-46-4
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Product Introduction:

Nonivamide, also known as capsaicin, capsaicin, is the active ingredient in red peppers of the Capsicum genus.

Nonivamide, chemical name 8-methyl-6-decene vanillylamine, usually coexists with other capsaicinoids in peppers, mainly including dihydrocapsaicin (DC), nordihydrocapsaicin (NDC), High capsaicin (HC) and high dihydrocapsaicin (HDC), etc.

Synthetic capsaicin (n-nonanoic acid vanillamide) is a vanillamide-containing alkaloid, generally a white or pale yellow odorless solid.

The structural formula of Nonivamide is C17H27NO3, and the vanillamide pelargonate in capsaicin has a strong spicy taste and a very strong irritant.

It is irritating to mammals including humans as well as can trigger a burning experience in the skin.

It can be extracted from natural peppers or manufactured by chemical approaches, and also is extensively used in medicine, military, biological chemicals, chemical layers and food healthcare and other fields.

Nature and Specifications:

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Product Usage:

Nonivamide is generally made use of in the manufacturing of single or compound ointments and other preparations, and is widely made use of in the therapy of joint inflammation, muscle mass discomfort, back pain, sporting activities strains and postherpetic neuralgia.

  • In the field of medicine, Nonivamide can be used for non-addictive analgesia, inhibiting bacteria and fungi, promoting blood circulation, and can be made into liniments, tinctures, creams, patches, etc.
  • The non-toxic biological antifouling paint made of capsaicin as an active ingredient to prevent the attachment of marine organisms is widely used in marine ships to prevent the attachment of marine organisms and ensure the normal navigation of ships in the ocean
  • It can also be widely used in thermal power plants and nuclear power plants in coastal areas that require a large amount of seawater for heat exchange to prevent marine organisms from clogging the water inlet pipes.
  • Capsaicin, as a pest repellant, has been used in the manufacture of termite-proof, rodent-proof functional plastic granules and coatings for the manufacture of cables, underground buildings and civil furniture.
  • Nonivamide is also used to make expelling agents, using the strong tear-inducing sneezing effect of synthetic capsaicin, used in the manufacture of tear-gassing and other expelling devices and personal defense products.

The Effect of Nonivamide:

lower exhaustion

  • Nonivamide can particularly bind to its delicate receptors in the body, launch signal particles to act upon the transport channels of special cations, and afterwards release details active substances to minimize exhaustion.

hypoglycemic and lipid-lowering

  • Nonivamide’s lipid-lowering as well as hypoglycemic effects are mostly achieved by acting on lipid-related cytokines, acting on intestinal vegetation and also regulating germs.
  • Insulin plays a crucial duty in managing fat material, and also several sorts of monocytes in adipocytokines can impact insulin by activating swelling.
  • The result of capsaicin is to minimize these types of monocytes that have an adverse effect on insulin action to reduced blood sugar as well as lower lipids.
  • The digestive flora is carefully pertaining to the intake, metabolism and also storage space of glycolipids by the human body. The structure of the digestive flora will certainly be affected by different compounds absorbed by the body.
  • Amongst them, Nonivamide can act on the intestinal flora, transforming its framework as well as variety, so regarding attain the objective of decreasing blood sugar level and also lipids.
  • Nonivamide reduces food intake by increasing anorectic hormone degrees and reducing dietary hormonal agent degrees. The body eats less power than it consumes.

protect the stomach

  • Gastritis is an inflammation of the stomach mucosa brought on by different reasons, which has a severe unfavorable result on the gastrointestinal system.
  • Due to the strong annoying properties of capsaicin, it is generally believed that capsaicin will certainly have damaging results on the human intestine, and is particularly not appropriate for patients with gastritis.
  • Nonetheless, existing researches have shown that low-dose Nonivamide not just does not trigger damages to the tummy, however can additionally fix damages to the gastric mucosa.

Although proper consumption of Nonivamide can help human health, too much and also long-term intake of capsaicin can cause injury to the human body, so take note of the dosage.

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