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Mogroside V
Mogroside V

Products Description

Name: Mogroside V

Cas: 88901-36-4

Purity: 99%min


Basic Info:

CAS No.:









Monk Fruit Extract, Luo Han Guo Extract


Food, Health Care Products, Medicine

Introduction to Mogroside V:

Mogroside V is used as a natural sweetener. Mogroside, which is present as a triterpenoid saponin from the fruits of Siraitia grosvenorii Swingle, is often used in the food industry as a substitute for sugar. It also acts as a potential anti-inflammatory agent for the pulmonary airways.

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About mogroside V:

Mogroside V: Bringing fresh life to the high-intensity sweetener market

Carl Jorgensen, director of Daymon’s Global Consumer Health Strategy research Center, said recently that Mogroside V’s entry into the high-intensity sweetener market could have some impact on stevia. Still, he said, “Stevia will always be ahead.”

High-intensity sweeteners remain popular with consumers keen to pursue low – or no-calorie sweeteners, and manufacturers are keen to accommodate this demand. 
According to Euromonitor, high-intensity sweeteners are expected to continue to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 2% between 2014 and 2019.
The natural sweetener stevia rose 3 percent over the same period. These data strongly demonstrate the potential of natural sweeteners, including Mogroside V.

Mogroside V is emerging from stevia’s shadow, according to a report by John George, materials analyst at Euromonitor. 
for example, a global industry leader with 70 percent of the international market, said it doubled its product offerings in 2015 to keep up with demand. 
The company also highlighted Mogroside V’s potential to grab a larger share of the high-intensity sweetener market. Monk Fruit partner Tate&Lyle is distributing Mogroside V products under the Purefruit brand.

Archer Daniels Midland of the US announced a partnership with GLG Life Tech this month to bring stevia and Mogroside V to consumers.


  1. According to modern medical research, Rakan is rich in mogroside, 300 times as sweet as sucrose, has a hypoglycemic effect, and can be used to treat diabetes.
  2. Rich in Vitamin C, it has anti-aging, anti-cancer and good skin benefits.
  3. It has the effect of lowering blood lipids and weight loss, helping to treat hyperlipidemia, and improving the image of obese people.
  4. It can be widely used in nutritional / health foods, baby foods, puff foods, seasonings, middle-aged foods, solid beverages, cakes, refrigerated foods, convenience foods, instant foods, etc.


Product NameMogroside V
CAS No.88901-36-4
Appearance Light yellow powder
Content99% min
PackingPacked in bags, cardboard drums

Mogroside V pharmacological effects:

  1. Spout effect
    Intravenous oral administration of 100 mg / kg and 200 mg / kg of mogroside (purity> 98%) can significantly increase the excretion of phenol red in the trachea of ​​mice and is in a dose-dependent relationship; mogroside. In the frog, a concentration of 20 mg / ml can significantly enhance the movement of ciliated cells after 015 hours in the esophagus.
    A dose of 810 g / kg of mogroside (50% purity) significantly increased the excretion of phenol red in the trachea of ​​mice and also significantly increased the excretion of sputum in rats (capillary method). Mogroside (total glycoside> 80%) 012 g / kg, 014 g / kg, 018 g / kg gavage, 014 g / kg, 018 g / kg doses significantly increased the amount of tracheal secretions in rats.
  2. Antitussive effect
    Mogroside (purity> 98%) 80 mg / kg, 160 mg / kg, 320 mg / kg forced oral administration is antitussive for mice with ammonia spray cough at doses of 160 mg / kg and 320 mg / kg. Shows the effect. It has an antitussive effect and is dose dependent. Mogroside (50% purity) doses of 410 g / kg and 810 g / kg can significantly reduce the number of concentrated ammonia-induced mouse coughs.
    The dose of 810 g / kg significantly prolonged the incubation period of SO2-induced cough in mice.
    Mogrosides (total glycosides> 80%) 012 g / kg, 014 g / kg, 018 g / kg can significantly reduce ammonia-induced cough in mice, but are significant for the incubation period of ammonia-induced cough. Does not affect.
  3. Removal of free radicals and antioxidant activity
    Mogroside extracts (total glycoside ≥98%, mogroside V content 65120%) have a specific scavenging effect on hydroxyl-free radicals and superoxide anion-free radicals, which are removed as the concentration of mogroside extract increases. The effects are gradually enhanced and have a constant dose effect relationship; mogroside extracts show a significant inhibitory effect on the oxidative hemolytic response during in vitro incubation of rat RBCs. In the range of 0104-1115 mg / ml, mogroside extract is effective. The inhibition rate of erythrocyte autoxidative hemolysis is over 50%, and mogroside extract shows excellent protective effect against RBC autoxidative hemolysis. Mogroside extract
    The protective effect of RBC autoxidation hemolysis does not show a dose-effect relationship. The intermediate dose of 0146 mg / ml is better, the inhibition rate is 85155%; malondialdehyde (MDA) is the end product of lipid peroxidation, Peroxidation damage that can be used has a protective effect and can reduce the occurrence of erythrocyte hemolysis; mogroside extracts can significantly inhibit the production of hepatic mitochondrial MDA, the rate of inhibition of which is concentrated. It increases with the increase.
  4. Boost immunity
    Mogrosides given to normal and cyclophosphamide (CTX) inhibited mice by gavage and did not have a clear effect on the immune function of normal mice, but macrophage phagocytosis and CTX immunosuppression. We were able to significantly improve the proliferation of mouse T cells. This indicates that mogrosides have certain positive regulatory effects on cell-mediated immune function in CTX immunosuppressed mice.
  5. Effect on blood sugar level
    Dose of 011 g / kg, 012 g / kg, 014 g / kg to mogroside (total glycoside> 80%) diabetic mouse model did not reduce or increase blood glucose elevation in diabetic mice; high dose (014 g / kg) ) Mogroside did not significantly increase blood glucose levels in normal mice. A single oral dose of 30% mogroside at 200 mg / kg has no apparent effect on blood glucose and liver enzyme activity in healthy adults. Mogroside V is a safe sweetener that does not affect blood sugar levels in normal people. Mogroside 150 mg / kg and 300 mg / kg were administered intragastrically. Moisture intake and blood glucose levels in mice did not return to normal, but were significantly reduced compared to alloxan-modeled type 1 diabetic mice.
  6. Anti-cancer effect
    A second-stage carcinogenicity experiment was conducted on mouse skin using DMBA as an initiator and TPA as a carcinogen. Mogroside V (mogroside V) has an anti-carcinogenic effect equal to or higher than that of stevioside, and has been shown to have an anti-cancer promoting effect. effect. Therefore, mogroside V can be used as an anticancer drug
  7. Effects on the liver
    Studies show that mogroside does not affect the activity of liver enzymes in normal people. Mogrosides can reduce serum glutamate aminotransferase and glutamate aminotransferase activity, reduce pathological changes in liver tissue, and affect exercise-induced liver and liver tissue. Its membrane structure damage has a clear protective effect.
  8. Impact on the immune system
    Studies have shown that mogrosides increase the proportion of acidic α-naphthylacetate-positive lymphocytes in peripheral blood and improve macrophage phagocytosis and T cell proliferation in cyclophosphamide immunosuppressed mice. ..
  9. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect
    Studies have shown that in a lipopolysaccharide-activated mouse macrophage model, mogrosides significantly inhibit the expression of inducible carbon monochloride synthase and cyclooxygenase-2 protein and mRNA, and have anti-inflammatory activity. Mogroside clearly inhibits the growth, acid production and adhesion of streptococcus mutans and has strong antibacterial activity.


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