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Name: Magnesium Aluminum Silicate

Cas: 71205-22-6

Purity: 99%min


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Product Introduction:

Magnesium Aluminum Silicate is a small white flake or powdery, odorless and odorless colloidal substance, soft and smooth, with a water content of <8%. Insoluble in water or alcohol, it can swell into a colloidal dispersion that is many times larger than the original volume in water.

Viscosity: (5% water dispersion) 0.25Pa·s±25%. pH value: (4% water dispersion) about 9. To reduce the pH of 1gMagnesium Aluminum Silicate to 4, 6~8mL of 0.1N HCl is required. The expansion of Magnesium Aluminum Silicate is reversible. It can be dispersed in water, dried and rehydrated, regardless of the number of times. It is generally used in water dispersions with low solids content.

Stable in a wide pH range. When Magnesium Aluminum Silicate is dispersed in water, colloidal sols and gels are formed. The viscosity of the water dispersion varies with the content. When the content is 1 to 2%, the dispersion is a colloidal suspension, when it is >3%, it is opaque, and the viscosity increases rapidly. When the content is 4 to 5%, it is a thick white sol, and when it reaches 10%, it forms a hard Sol.

The usual dosage of Magnesium Aluminum Silicate is 0.5 to 2.5%. The aqueous dispersion of magnesium aluminum silicate can be obviously denatured. When preparing the dispersion, it is often necessary to properly heat and prolong the stirring time to achieve a certain consistency.

Product Nature:

  • Molecular weight: 262.43400
  • Accurate quality: 261.86100
  • PSA: 73.84000
  • PH: 7.5~9.5


Product NameMagnesium Aluminum Silicate
CAS No.71205-22-6
Appearance White crystalline powder
Content99% min
Shelf Life2 years
Packing1kg/bag,25kg/bag or as your requirements

Product function:

  • Magnesium Aluminum Silicate is often used as a thickener, as well as a good emulsion stabilizer and suspending agent. The combination of organic glue and magnesium aluminum silicate can exert the best characteristics of the two. It can be used to bond different powders (talcum powder, pigments and pharmaceuticals) and is a disintegrant for tablets.
  • Magnesium Aluminum Silicate is a hydrophilic colloid with pseudoplastic flow properties. It is a viscosity modifier and thickener for creams, lotions, shampoos, and hair care products. It can suspend and disperse powdered pigments to maximize the product. Good color, fine and smooth organization.
  • Magnesium Aluminum Silicate can be used as a thickener for toothpaste. It can be used in conjunction with CMC to improve the thixotropy and dispersibility of toothpaste. Magnesium Aluminum Silicate can also be effectively used in medicines, which can control the pourability of oral suspensions and latexes, and help to obtain a uniform dose of the product.
  • It can also be used in tablet production. It can suspend the friction agent and stabilize emulsification in metal and car polishes, tile and glass cleaners.
  • Magnesium Aluminum Silicate can be used in white shoe polish to suspend the pigment to prevent the product from hardening. Used in toothpaste, it has good compatibility with natural rubber and synthetic rubber, and can improve the structure of the strip.

What are the advantages of Magnesium Aluminum Silicate:

  1. It is a good emulsion stabilizer

    1. Magnesium aluminum silicate is a definitive agent for oil-in-water and water-in-oil emulsions. Its outstanding advantage is that it can stabilize oil-in-water emulsions at low concentrations. When the temperature rises, the tendency of the emulsion to become thin or to be destroyed is reduced. It has protective colloid activity, strong hydrophilic properties and the ability to thicken the outer phase of the emulsion.

    2. A small amount of magnesium aluminum silicate (less than 1%) can stabilize various oils (mineral oil, vegetable oil) and emulsifiers containing anionic or nonionic surfactants. And can provide spreadability, increase viscosity and film-forming properties. It can be used for hand honey, shaving cream, deodorant lotion, toothpaste, shampoo and many similar products.

  2. It is an excellent suspending agent
    Because magnesium aluminum silicate has thixotropy and can protect colloids, so:

    1. It can prevent the suspended substance products from hardening.

    2. Can control moisture. When the suspension has a tendency to settle, it is easy to be re-dispersed.

    3. It can make the product get a uniform dose.

    4. The maximum suspension degree can be obtained without compromising the pourability of the product.

    5. Unlike many organic glues, it does not form irreversible gels.

    6. Under the same viscosity, it has more suspension efficiency than organic glue, especially at low viscosity, because it has good thixotropy.

    7. Its water dispersion can suspend many kinds of powdery substances, including pigments, resins, friction agents, talc, clay, titanium dioxide, colloidal sulfur, aluminum hydroxide, barium salts, iron oxide, and siderite, etc.

  3. It can improve the effectiveness of organic glue
    The combination of organic glue and magnesium aluminum silicate can give full play to the best characteristics of both.

    1. It can improve the suspension and make the final product easy to redisperse. For example, in depilatory, magnesium aluminum silicate and methyl cellulose can be combined to obtain a smooth and uniform dispersion; in acne cream and lotion, magnesium aluminum silicate It can be mixed with methyl cellulose to reduce the precipitation of water and the precipitation of powder.

    2. Because it can reduce the adhesiveness and adhesion, it can improve the sensory and consistency of the organic glue solution. Especially obvious for toothpaste.

    3. Mixing with organic glue can improve the spreadability and structure of the dispersion, and can play an important role in pigmented cosmetics.

  4. It is a non-mobile adhesive

    • Unlike other organic binders, magnesium aluminum silicate does not move to the surface of the tablet or rod during the drying process. This non-moving property is necessary to ensure the uniform color, hardness and wiping performance of the product.

    • In addition, magnesium aluminum silicate can be used in the formulation of rods, compacts and tablets to control the hardness and erasability of the product. It can also be used to bond different powders, such as talc, pigments and pharmaceuticals.

  5. It is a disintegrant of tablets

    • In tablets, magnesium aluminum silicate is a stable and small disintegrant. When the disintegration performance needs to be balanced with the hardness, it can be used for the combined performance of the product, especially when the active ingredient in the bulk tablet accounts for the main weight and volume, and it is also effective in the sandwich tablet. Therefore, the volume should be as small as possible in manufacturing.

    • In the tablet molding process, adding 2~5% dry magnesium aluminum silicate can get the best disintegration. The granulation of calcium sulfate in 5% ethyl cellulose ethanol solution was conducted, which can provide faster disintegration than starch. In tablets containing 1.5% magnesium aluminum silicate, its disintegration is twice as fast as the equivalent amount of corn starch. When 1.5% magnesium aluminum silicate F is contained, the disintegration speed is less than 5 minutes.

  6. It is a viscosity modifier and thickener

    • As a viscosity modifier and thickener, it has a good effect on controlling the consistency of emulsions and suspensions. It imparts molding and dispersing properties to creams and liquids, as well as the beauty of cosmetics. It is a hydrophilic colloid and has pseudoplastic flow properties. Therefore, when some creams, liquids, pastes and aerosol products need to be reformulated to adapt to new packaging, their viscosity can be adjusted with magnesium aluminum silicate.

  7. Superior performance than organic colloid

    1. The particles are uniform, and there is no grit for medicinal and cosmetic specifications.

    2. The dispersion is non-sticky and non-greasy.

    3. It is stable for long-term storage in general customers, unlike organic colloids that will be decomposed by bacteria.

    4. It can spread immediately in water without soaking. Both high-shear and low-shear mixers can be used to prepare its water dispersion, and hot and cold water can also be used.

    5. At lower viscosity, it can suspend powders and pigments more effectively than organic colloids.

    6. In many cases, it can provide a free-flowing suspension, while organic colloids form irreversible colloids or agglomerated precipitation.

  8. Non-toxic and non-irritating

    • The safe use of magnesium aluminum silicate has a long history. It has undergone numerous irritation and chronic toxicity tests to test its safety in medicines and cosmetics. In 1968, the acute toxicity of eyes and skin was studied, and it was reconfirmed that it was non-irritating and non-toxic.

  9. Absorptive

    • It can absorb certain organic substances. Magnesium aluminum silicate can absorb certain pigments, enzyme preparations, flavors or food flavors, and can expand the use of flavor concentrates, reduce the bitterness of certain drugs and enhance the flavor. It can also react with some drugs to improve their use.

  10. Alkaline exchange capacity

    • Magnesium aluminum silicate reacts with cationic fatty amines and quaternary iron compounds. A similar ion exchange reaction has been used to produce neutral magnesium aluminum silicate. Some swelling ability in water is weakened, but it can be made into water dispersion. Neutral magnesium aluminum silicate is particularly suitable for certain pharmaceutical suspensions.


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