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lipase enzyme powder

Name: Lipase Enzyme Powder

Cas: 9001-62-1

Purity: 99%min


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lipase enzyme powder

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CAS No:9001-62-1
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Lipase is normally in the form of lipase enzyme powder and also is marketed. As a specialist lipase supplier, we have high quality lipase for sale, we will present and list its usages for you:

Lipase (glyceride hydrolase) belongs to the course of carboxyl ester hydrolase, which can gradually hydrolyze triglycerides into glycerol and also fats. The various tasks of lipase rely on the features of the reaction system, such as advertising ester hydrolysis at the oil-water interface, and chemical synthesis and also transesterification in the natural stage.

Lipase is a course of enzymes with a range of catalytic abilities, which can militarize the hydrolysis, alcoholysis, esterification, transesterification as well as turn around synthesis of triacylglycerols and also various other water-insoluble esters. The external lipase enzyme powder likewise revealed the activity of a few other enzymes, such as phospholipase, lysophospholipase, cholesterol esterase, acylpeptidase task and so forth.

Lipase exists in fat-containing animal, plant and also microbial (such as mold and mildew, bacteria, and so on) tissues. Such as:

Plants including more lipase are the seeds of oil plants. Such as castor bean and rapeseed, when oilseeds germinate, lipase can operate in synergy with other enzymes to militarize the disintegration of oily materials to create sugars, offering the nutrients as well as power essential for seed rooting as well as germination.

The pancreas and adipose tissue of higher animals consist of more lipase in the animal body, as well as a small amount of lipase is had in the intestinal juice, which is used to supplement the deficiency of pancreatic lipase in fat digestion, and also a small amount of butyric acid is consisted of in the stomach juice of predators Glycerol esterase.

Due to the variety, vast distribution, strong versatility and rapid development of microbes, lipases in microorganisms commonly have the advantages of broader activity temperature level, substratum as well as ph uniqueness than lipases derived from plants and pets. Bacteria are the main resource of lipase enzyme powder for commercial usage.

Currently, lipase enzyme powder has actually been widely made use of in food, medicine, natural leather, everyday chemical industry, and so on. Lipase widely exists in microorganisms, plants and also pets.

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Product Usage:

Lipase enzyme powder is commonly made use of in industrial manufacturing. As an example, in the food market, lipase is used for meat degreasing, flour renovation, fat alteration, cheese sauce, wine making and also processing processing.

In the feed sector, lipase enzyme powder and also various other carbohydrate-degrading enzymes are worsened right into substance enzymes as feed ingredients, which can effectively enhance feed application.

In the paper industry, lipase can accomplish the enzymatic elimination of rosin from wood pulp.

In the biodiesel sector, lipase can be made use of to catalyze the transesterification of oil as well as chain scission alcohol for chemical synthesis of biodiesel.

Lipase powder is also widely utilized in cleaning market, leather handling and also textile industry.

Lipases are additionally widely utilized in the bioseparation of chiral substances in the pharmaceutical as well as fine chemical markets.

Reaction Mechanism and Application of Lipase Enzyme Powder:

Lipase is among the vital industrial enzyme preparations, which can militarize lipolysis, transesterification, ester synthesis and other reactions, and also is extensively utilized in oil handling, food, medication, everyday chemicals and also various other sectors.

Different sources of lipase enzyme powder have different catalytic qualities as well as catalytic tasks. Amongst them, the large manufacturing of lipases with transesterification or esterification features for organic phase synthesis is of fantastic importance for the enzyme-catalyzed synthesis of chiral substances and fine chemicals.

Lipase is a special ester bond hydrolase that can hydrolyze glycerides (oils, fats) and release fatty acids, diglycerides, monoglycerides and glycerol in different stages. The fatty acid generated by hydrolysis can be titrated with a standard alkaline solution, and the titer value represents the enzyme activity.

Lipase is widely distributed in microorganisms, and its producing bacteria are mainly molds and bacteria. Thirty-three different sources of lipases have been published for triglyceride processing, of which 18 are from molds and 7 are from bacteria.

Applications in the food industry:

Lipase enzyme powder is used as an enzyme preparation. Mainly used in cheese manufacturing (defatting and making products with special aroma, the maximum dosage is 100mg/kg), lipid modification, lipid hydrolysis, in order to prevent the fat loss in some dairy products and chocolate.

It is also an excellent preparation for the special flavor of milk chocolate and cream cakes. It is added to egg whites to break down fats that may be mixed in, thereby increasing its foaming power.

Lipase enzyme powder has good emulsifying properties. Enhance the stability and fermentation resistance of the dough, improve the cooking quality and strength, and increase the product volume.

It has whitening effect and improves the skin quality and internal color of steamed bread products. Lipase enzyme can improve the internal structure of steamed bread, improve the appearance and texture, and improve the taste.

The shelf life of the product can be extended, and the re-steaming effect is good.

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