Isopropyl Nitrite CAS 541-42-4

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n-Butyllithium CAS 109-72-8
Isopropyl Nitrite

Name: Isopropyl Nitrite

Cas: 541-42-4

Purity: 99%min


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Chemical Structure

Isopropyl Nitrite

Basic Info:

CAS No:541-42-4
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Product Introduction:

Isopropyl nitrite is a colorless liquid with a strong odor and is widely used as a compound in many industries and products. This chemical can be used as an oxidizing agent, reducing agent and alkylating agent. In addition, isopropyl nitrite can also be used as a solvent for oil extraction and solvent extraction.

Nitrite is a highly toxic substance found in many industrial applications. Contrary to traditional nitric acid, it is a very water-soluble compound, so it forms a vapor when mixed with water.

Nitrite is often used in disinfectants, usually in liquid form. Due to the acid-base reaction of nitrite, the boiling point is high and the half-life is long. It is also used to break down proteins and other compounds.

Nitrite is produced from ammonia, an important mineral nutrient. Drain cleaners that contain ammonia and nitrite are often found in toilets, with added chemicals that kill bacteria that can clog plumbing systems due to the buildup of sticky substances.

Isopropyl nitrite also has many uses, including as an experimental reagent and an anesthetic. It is also used to clean drains.

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Product Usage:

Isopropyl nitrite is a compound found in petroleum. It is used in the production of nitric acid, commonly used as an oxidant in petrochemicals and explosives, and is therefore one of the ingredients in making rocket fuel.

Isopropyl nitrite (IPN) is used as a propellant in aerosols to destroy nitrous oxide.

As a Cleaning Agent

Isopropyl nitrite is a cleaning agent that has been used for many years as a solution to remove odors and impurities from clothing, detergents and other materials. The chemical is often mixed with other cleaners such as bleach to create a cleaner solution, but the chemistry of nitrite remains unclear.

Used As Antifreeze

Isopropyl nitrite (IPN) is a commercial liquid antifreeze widely used in the automotive industry. IPN is safe with low volatility and high water solubility. While IPN is used as a refrigerant in automotive engines, it is also commonly used in industrial applications such as removing graphite from steel to produce stainless steel.

Used in The Food Industry

Isopropyl nitrite is a chemical that can be found in many products. It is used as an ingredient in a variety of foods and has a wide variety of uses. For example, it is used to preserve food.

This chemical has two main uses:

1. Acts as an oxidant to reduce the amount of nitric acid needed by bacteria to produce nitric acid during fermentation.

2. As a preservative for various foods such as meat, fish and vegetables.

Isopropyl nitrite is a powerful oxidant widely used as an ingredient in almost all processed foods and in many household products. It has a variety of applications as an oxidant in food colorants, as aldehydes and esters in many pharmaceuticals, and as a solvent. The manufacture of nitrite has also led to the development of many compounds.

Isopropyl nitrite is a chemical used to preserve food. It can be found in many condiments and sauces.

Other Uses

Isopropyl nitrite is a synthetic chemical used as a solvent and oxidant. Widely used in the automotive, medical, pharmaceutical and cleaning industries. It reacts with certain aromatic compounds to form nitroso compounds that are highly toxic to human health.

Isopropyl nitrite is an organic compound used as a pesticide. It is also used to produce nitric acid, a precursor to fertilizers and explosives. It has been widely used as a solvent for the production of nitric acid, although it has also been linked to cancer and liver damage.

An organic solvent used to dissolve many chemicals and drugs. It is commonly used as a fixative in paints, varnishes and plastics.

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