Isopropyl Acetate CAS 108-21-4

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Isopropyl Acetate

Name: Isopropyl Acetate

Cas: 108-21-4

Purity: 99%min


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Chemical Structure

Isopropyl Acetate

Basic Info:

CAS No:108-21-4
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Product Introduction:

Isopropyl acetate is a colorless transparent liquid with a pleasant fruity aroma. It is slightly soluble in water and can be miscible with most solvents such as alcohols, ketones and ethers.

Isopropyl acetate is rich in organic acids and has the unique ability to dissolve and decompose many substances with which it is in direct contact. From the 17th century it was used as a substitute for nitric acid in nitric acid factories because it was cheaper, relatively harmless and easy to produce.

It can be found in many household products such as antifreeze, household cleaners and deodorants. Isopropyl acetate is considered one of the best solvents used in industry because it has no taste or odor.

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Product Usage:

Isopropyl acetate is one of the most widely used solvents in industry. It is mainly used as extraction solvent for medicine, coating solvent, printing ink solvent, chemical reaction solvent, etc.

Isopropyl acetate has a fruity aroma, and has apple aroma after dilution. Natural products exist in pineapples, pears, cocoa, etc., and can be used to prepare rum flavors and fruit-type flavoring solvents.

It is used as a solvent and extractant for cellulose derivatives, plastics, oils and fats, and is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, biological pesticides, coatings, inks and other industries. Isopropyl acetate is a chemical solvent widely used in organic synthesis and industrial synthesis. Also used to dissolve gallstones.

It has many industrial applications such as paints, coatings, varnishes, etc. Isopropyl acetate is a compound used as a paint ingredient. It is also used in many other industries, including plastics, rubber and pharmaceuticals.

It is also a dehydrating agent commonly used in industry, an extractant and a fragrance component in pharmaceutical production. It is used as an extractant for pharmaceuticals, for the manufacture of flavors, and as a solvent and reagent for coatings, etc.

Main Applications of Isopropyl Acetate:

1. For leather coating, leather PU resin synthesis, adhesive and other production processes

The volatilization rate of isopropyl acetate is similar to that of butanone, the price is more advantageous than that of butanone, and it is not a precursor to poisoning. Therefore, the use of isopropyl acetate to replace butanone can reduce production costs and bring obvious benefits to enterprises.

2. For high-grade ink

Ethyl acetate volatilizes too fast for individual high-end inks, n-propyl acetate is too expensive, n-butyl acetate has residual odor, and toluene is too toxic. Isopropyl acetate is an environmentally friendly solvent with high cost performance.

3. Used as paint solvent

The volatilization rate of isopropyl acetate is between ethyl acetate and butyl acetate, the smell is fragrant, and the dissolving ability is strong. It is an effective solvent for many synthetic resins such as ethyl cellulose, nitrocellulose, styrene and acrylic resin. It is widely used in high-grade coatings such as mobile phone paint and toy paint.

4. Used as a dehydrating agent for recovering acetic acid

Isopropyl acetate can form an azeotrope with water. Compared with the dehydration selectivity coefficient of various solvents, isopropyl acetate has great advantages. Wide range of applications.

5. Used in medicine and pesticide industry

Isopropyl acetate can be used in the production of medicines and pesticides due to its strong dissolving ability, extraction ability, skin penetration ability and moderate volatilization rate.

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