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Name: Isomaltitol

Cas: 64519-82-0

Purity: 99%min


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What are the advantages of Isomaltitol?

Isomaltitol is a new kind of functional sugar-free sweetener. It has the common characteristics of functional sugar alcohols, such as its excellent metabolic characteristics, its absorption rate in the human body is slow compared with sucrose, does not cause a surge of blood sugar, and insulin does not participate in its metabolic pathway in the body, resulting in low caries, lower sweetness than sucrose, lower energy value, etc.

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Product Features:

Compared with other sugar alcohols, its unique advantages are as follows:

  1. So far, it is the only disaccharide derived entirely from sucrose.
  2. Sweet taste is pure, natural and stable, with low solubility and hygroscopicity. It can completely replace sucrose and starch sugar according to the ratio of 1: L, and can be widely used in sugar-free food and drug icing production.
  3. high tolerance, a lot of sweeteners, such as sorbitol, xylitol, hydrogenated glucose syrup, maltitol syrup, and a lot of oligosaccharides, such as eating too much can cause abdominal distension wait for unwell phenomenon, bowel, diarrhea, and thus the FAO/WHO stipulate its biggest usage, but the body of ketone of malt sugar alcohol tolerance is amazing, intake of 50 g per day does not cause stomach upset, Therefore, the FAO/WHO Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives has approved that the daily intake of ismaltoketol can not be regulated.
  4. Non-caries, mutans streptococcus in the mouth can not be decomposed and used, does not produce acid and glucan, will not cause tooth decay, especially suitable for children to eat.
  5. high stability, ketone of malt sugar alcohol for multivariate sugar alcohol, no reducibility, very stable, under the condition of strong acid, alkali hydrolysis, also does not produce pigment in high temperature, compared with sucrose, on which the numerical stability more than 10 times, also won’t and other ingredients in food produces chemical reaction, such as the maillard reaction with amino acids. Ismaltoketol is not available to the vast majority of microorganisms and, as a result, products made using Isomaltitol have a longer shelf life.

Efficacy and effect:

  • Use as a sweetener: So far, the most common use of Isomaltitol is as an additive to “sugar-free” candies, cough drops, and other commercial foods. Its sweetness is similar to natural sugar, but there is no need to worry about blood sugar and calories.
    Of course, this is not to say that this alternative has no calories at all, but only half of sugar. As a result, it cannot be used for zero-calorie products. Because it does not cause tooth decay like sugar, many toothpastes also use it to improve the taste.
    Although it cannot be baked or reacted like sugar, other non-sugar sweeteners such as sucralose are sometimes mixed with isomalt to produce the same sweetness as sugar.
  • Used as a preservative: This substance can also extend the shelf life, and is sometimes used in products such as breakfast cereals, biscuits, baked bread and muffins. It has the tendency to stabilize other ingredients, prevent mold and spoilage, and keep dry food fresh and crispy for longer.
  • Aesthetic use: Many chefs and professional food decorators also use Isomaltitol to beautify food. For example, it is often used to make cakes and food molds. Its advantage is that it is resistant to moisture and is easy to shape.
  • Digestive problems and gastrointestinal upset: Excessive consumption of foods containing isomalt can cause severe nausea and bloating. Many people also experience these symptoms after ingesting small amounts. In most cases, this is related to the difficulty of digestion of this compound.
    Although the human body usually treats ordinary sugars as carbohydrates, it treats isomalt as fiber. Too much Isomaltitol can increase bowel movements and can also cause painful bloating, diarrhea and flatulence.
    To reduce these negative effects, it is recommended that adults limit their daily intake to less than 50 grams and children no more than 25 grams. Some studies have found that a small amount of Isomaltitol can gradually build tolerance after a period of time.


Product NameIsomaltitol
CAS No.64519-82-0
Appearance White crystal powder
Content99% min
Production Capacity100 Ton/Tons Per Year


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