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Name: L-ergothioneine

Cas: 497-30-3

Purity: 99%min


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Product Introduction:

L-ergothioneine (EGT), also known as L-mercaptohistidine trimethyl inner salt, is a naturally occurring amino acid, a thiourea derivative of histidine, and contains a sulfur atom on the imidazole ring. This compound is produced in relatively few organisms, especially actinomycetes, cyanobacteria and certain fungi.

It has been found that it can be synthesized in some mushrooms, streptococci, mycobacteria and other microorganisms, and can be absorbed and accumulated by plants and animals.

In the human body, thioneine can only be obtained through diet and is accumulated in red blood cells, bone marrow, liver, kidneys, semen and eyes.

Ergothioine requires a specific transporter, ETT, also known as OCTN1 (gene symbol SLC22A4) to enter the cell. ETT expression has been confirmed in human and animal cell lines, and its function of transporting ergothione has been confirmed in vivo.

Although the role of  l-ergothioneine in the body is an active area of research, its physiological role in the human body has not yet been determined.

Product Nature:

  • Melting point: 275-277°C (dec.)
  • Density: 1.2541 (rough estimate)
  • Refractive index: 1.6740 (estimate)
  • Storage conditions: -20°C


Product NameL-ergothioneine
CAS No.497-30-3
Appearance White crystalline powder
Content99% min
Shelf Life2 years
Packing1kg/bag,25kg/bag or as your requirements

Main effect:

L-ergothioneine is a natural antioxidant and unique cellular physiological protector, which has many physiological functions, such as free radical removal, whitening, anti-aging, preventing UV damage, maintaining DNA synthesis and normal cell growth. It has the following features:

  1. Whitening
    L-ergothioneine is a natural antioxidant that has high protection against cells and is not toxic. It is not easily oxidized in water, increasing its concentration in specific tissues to 7mmol-L and stimulating the cells’ natural antioxidants to protect cells. . Studies have shown that adding 0.01% to 0.03% of ergothioin to cosmetics can interfere with pigmentation and soothing and whiten the skin.
  2. Antioxidant
    A very effective antioxidant that slows down aging.L’Oreal has applied for a patent titled “Use of L-ergothioneine and/or its derivatives as anti-glycosylation agents” It was suggested that losses could be prevented. Improve facial contours and prevent or improve the appearance of cellulite.
  3. sun protection
    In the ultraviolet absorption range, L-ergothioneine has an absorption wavelength similar to DNA with a molar extinction coefficient of 1.4*104 M-1 cm-1, λmax257, thus minimizing the formation of reactive oxygen species and protecting cells from radiation damage. . Therefore, l-ergothioneine can be used as a physiological filter for ultraviolet light. In many documents, ergothioneine can protect against UV-induced skin damage and is a very effective sunscreen ingredient.
  4. Anti-inflammatory, anti-acne
    Inflammation is the body’s reaction when the skin becomes infected, and both excessive UV rays and excessive pressure are causes of skin inflammation. Studies have shown that l-ergothioneine may have anti-inflammatory effects on skin cells, and at the same time, when used in combination with vitamin C, a greater effect can be achieved. Elizabeth Arden conducted an application experiment on the repair effect of ergocion on UV-induced skin inflammation, and she found that the combination of ideben and ergocion could reduce UV-induced skin inflammation and photodamage. showed that it can.
  5. Synergy
    L-ergothioneine can regulate cellular redox reactions and participate in cellular energy regulation, is a physiological protective agent for cells, has biological and pharmacological properties, and is safe and stable. Therefore, adding ergothioine to the product not only maintains the stability of other ingredients, but also promotes the absorption of active ingredients in cells, which has a good synergistic effect and effectively increases the efficacy of other ingredients to obtain 1+1>2 Effect. . For example, the use of ergothione in antioxidant products not only exerts powerful antioxidant properties, but can also work in conjunction with other antioxidants to boost vitality.

Other effects supplement:

For ergosulfur, which has significant and unique biological functions, scholars from various countries have carried out research on its application very early. Although it needs to be further in-depth, it has a very good enlightening effect on its application in various fields.

Ergothioine has a wide range of uses and market prospects in the fields of cosmetics, cell preservation, medicine, food and beverage, functional food, animal feed, organ transplantation and biotechnology.

  • Used as a unique antioxidant

L-ergothioneine is a natural antioxidant that protects cells, is non-toxic and does not readily oxidize in water, allowing specific tissue concentrations to reach millimoles, stimulating the cells’ natural antioxidant defenses. . Among the many antioxidants, l-ergothioneine is particularly unique because it can chelate heavy metal ions. It can protect the body’s red blood cells from free radical damage.

  • Added to cosmetics as a skin protectant

Ultraviolet UVA from sunlight penetrates down to the dermis layer of human skin, affecting the growth of epidermal cells, killing surface cells and causing premature skin aging, and ultraviolet UVB is more likely to cause skin cancer. Ergothione minimizes the generation of active oxygen and protects cells from radiation damage, so it can be used in the development of outdoor skin care products and protective cosmetics as a skin protectant added to certain cosmetics.

  • For organ transplant

The length and amount of preservation of existing tissue plays a decisive role in the success of organ transplantation. The most widely used antioxidant for organ transplantation is glutathione, which is easily oxidized when exposed to the environment, and its antioxidant capacity is greatly reduced even in refrigerated storage or liquid environment, which is toxic to cells and causes inflammation and induces hydrolysis of tissue proteins. Ergothione is like an antioxidant that is stable in aqueous solution and can chelate heavy metal ions, and can be used as a substitute for glutathione in the field of organ protection to better protect transplanted organs.

  • Application in ophthalmology

In recent years, studies have shown that l-ergothioneine plays an important role in eye protection, and many researchers are hoping to develop ophthalmic products that promote the development of ophthalmic treatments. Ophthalmic surgery is generally performed topically, and the solubility and stability of l-ergothioneine provide the possibility of surgery, which has great application value.

  • In other applications

Due to the excellent properties of ergothione, it can be applied in various fields. For example, it is used in the fields of pharmaceuticals, food, health products, cosmetics, etc. In the medical field, it can be used to treat inflammation, etc., it can be made into tablets, capsules, oral preparations, etc., and in the health product field, it can prevent cancer, etc. It is made into products in the functional food, functional beverage, cosmetic field, etc., used for anti-aging, and can be made into sunscreen and other products.

As people’s health awareness increases, the superior properties of l-ergothioneine, a natural antioxidant, will gradually become more widely recognized and applied by people.


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