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Fulvic acid

Name: Fulvic Acid Powder

Cas: 479-66-3

Purity: 99%min


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Fulvic acid

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CAS No:479-66-3
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Product Introduction:

Fulvic acid (additionally known as fulvic minerals, referred to as FA) is a short carbon chain molecular structure substance extracted from all-natural humic acid.

Fulvic acid powder is a very complicated black organic substance with biologically energetic homes, the supreme aerobic failure product of all living compounds. Its useful groups communicate, reflecting a range of specific physicochemical properties. It as a result has the uncommon top qualities as well as capability to change and transform molecular combinations, including nearly all natural as well as inorganic compounds located in nature.

The deposition of fulvic acid powder comes from the disintegration of a great deal of greenery by microorganisms. It is a naturally taking place raw material acquired totally from decomposing old plants and animals. It is lacking in contemporary food plants and is very crucial to human physiological task.

Fulvic acid also possesses the properties of fusion molecules. It is the ultimate tiny framework after the disintegration of all living organisms, and its structure also contains possible solar material. Originated from photosynthesis, solar energy contributes to the special properties and biological activity of fulvic powder.

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Product Usage:

Fulvic acid is by far the best organic acid discovered in nature. It belongs to the humus structure in an abundant compost dirt and also is exceptionally scarce.

Fulvic acid powder has acidic properties and is only produced under uninterrupted virgin woodlands. Very small amounts of natural fulvic acid are created by millions of advantageous microorganisms in a soil setting containing decayed plant issue and also adequate oxygen. Its usages as well as functions are as complies with:

Utilized as an electrolyte:

Fulvic acid is referred to as a superb electrolyte. It can supplement greater than 70 kinds of minerals and trace elements needed by the body, promote the acid-base balance of the human body, remove complimentary radicals, intricate heavy metals, detox toxins, enhance resistance, as well as turn on advantageous cells.

Fulvic mineral can aid balance and also advertise organic carriers with which it comes in get in touch with, enhancing biological properties. It plays a vital function in the metabolic process of living cells, aiding and militarizing the reaction of human enzymes, the structure of hormones as well as the application of vitamins.

Made use of as photosensitizer:

As a photosensitizer, fulvic mineral powder can create a series of photoactive substances by soaking up ultraviolet light or solar radiation. Studies have located that fulvic acid can produce some short-lived as well as strong oxidizing active substances under the radiation of sunlight. The resulting active substances can oxidize natural pollutants that are slowly degraded by direct photodegradation or can not absorb ultraviolet light or sunlight to weaken, and also advertise the deterioration of these substances.

Usage as a purifier:

As a type of humus, fulvic acid is a kind of natural photoactive component. After absorbing light, a collection of complimentary extreme reactions can strike sensitize the natural toxins in the water body and promote the deterioration of these natural pollutants to a particular degree.

The most powerful antioxidant and free extreme scavenger. It is one-of-a-kind because it reacts with both unfavorable and also positive electrons, transforming them right into safe cost-free radicals. It can assist produce usable substances while also removing dangerous compounds.

Impacts and results on plants:

After getting in the plant body, it can play a range of physical features. It acts on the metabolism of plant microorganisms by hindering or turning on enzymes, showing a significant stimulating effect. It plays a healing duty with the secretion, policy and renovation of the body’s immune function of endogenous hormones.

Fulvic acid powder can promote root growth, which inevitably leads to a greatly enhanced capability of plants to soak up water as well as nutrients.

The stimulatory effect of fulvic mineral powder can make the aboveground part of the plant grow vigorously. Efficiency in plant elevation, stem density, leaf density and more.

Improving Plant Food Effectiveness in the Land:

  1. Nitrogen addiction: When nitrogen is applied to the dirt, it is very easy to volatilize into the ambience or run right into rivers with soil as well as water. Fulvic powder can adsorb nitrogen in the soil, reduce its volatilization and loss, as well as enhance the use price.
  2. Phosphorus remedy: Phosphorus is applied to the soil and is easily fixed by the soil. Fulvic mineral powder can liberate phosphorus from dirt by chelating with phosphorus, which can be used for absorption by plants and improve the application price of phosphorus.
  3. Activated potassium: A lot of the potassium related to the dirt exists in the form of potassium salt, which can not be straight taken in by plants. Fulvic acid can transform insoluble potassium into soluble potassium through ion exchange function, increase the readily available potassium in the dirt, and boost the application price of potassium.
  4. Micro-fertilizer: Fulvic acid can go through chelation response with insoluble micronutrient to develop humic acid micronutrient chelates with excellent solubility and also can be soaked up by crops, which is conducive to the absorption of micronutrient by roots as well as leaves.

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