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Name: DL-Methionine

Cas: 59-51-8

Purity: 99%min


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Product Introduction:

DL-methionine is abbreviated as Met, which is one of the basic units of biosynthetic protein, and is also the only sulfur-containing amino acid and restrictive amino acid for essential amino acids.

A small amount of animal intake can significantly promote growth, shorten the feeding cycle, and increase egg and milk production. If the intake is insufficient, other amino acids in the body will be underutilized. Unused amino acids are converted into energy molecules and energy through deamination. Urea increases the burden on the liver and kidneys.

Methionine is not only used in the feed industry, but also widely used in the fields of medicine, food and cosmetics.

DL-methionine properties:

  • Melting point: 284°C(dec.)(lit.)
  • Specific optical rotation: -1~+1°(D/20℃)(c=8,HCl)
  • Boiling point: 306.9±37.0°C(Predicted)
  • Density: 1.34
  • Refractive index: 1.5216(estimate)
  • Storage conditions: 2-8°C
  • Solubility: 1MHCl:0.5Mat20°C,clear,colorless
  • Acidity coefficient: (pKa)2.13(at25℃)
  • Form: CrystalsorCrystallinePowder


Product NameDL-Methionine
CAS No.59-51-8
Appearance White powder
Content99% min
Shelf Life2 years
Packing1kg/bag,25kg/bag or as your requirements

Stability of DL-Methionine:

Methionine is the only amino acid containing thioethers, divided into L-methionine (L-methionine, [63-68-3]) and D-methionine (D-methionine, [348-67-4]).

The general amino acid dextrorotation body is invalid, but methionine is an exception. D-methionine can be converted into L-methionine in the body. It is precisely because these two kinds of methionine are both effective in biochemistry, therefore, in the production of synthetic methionine, DL-methionine is directly used without separation. Generally speaking, methionine generally refers to DL-methionine.

The main purpose:

DL-Methionine is a powerful liver detoxifier and growth promoter, and a lack of methionine can cause anorexia. Methionine is widely used in nutritional supplements and livestock feed. Methionine is readily absorbed by chickens and converted into chicken protein. Adding methionine to chicken feed can reduce feed consumption and keep chickens healthy.

At present, there are four main types of methionine: solid methionine, liquid hydroxymethionine (MHA), liquid sodium methionine and solid calcium hydroxymethionine, of which solid methionine has the largest market. However, in the US methionine market, liquid hydroxymethionine (MHA) is the largest.

Because the taste of sea urchin is related to methionine, the sweetness of sea urchin is related to glycine and alanine, the bitter taste is related to valine, and the umami taste is related to glutamic acid, so these amino acids can be used as seasonings. agents.

DL-Methionine is a nutritional fortifying agent in feed. Methionine deficiency in livestock and poultry can lead to stunted growth, weight loss, weakened liver and kidney function, muscle atrophy, and deterioration of fur. By adding 1 kg of methionine to the feed, it corresponds to the nutritional value of 50 kg of fish meal. A typical addition to the feed is 0.05%-0.2%.

The commercial methionine content is over 98.5%, which is one of the essential amino acids for the growth of poultry and livestock, and as a “backbone” amino acid of biosynthetic proteins, has a strong regulatory effect on animal metabolism, and is widely used in pharmaceuticals, food, feed and cosmetics.

Among them, it can be used as the main component of amino acid injection and complex amino acids in medicine, can be used to synthesize medicinal vitamins, and can use the anti-fat liver effect to produce hepatoprotective agents. It is used to fortify amino acids and can be used as a nutritional supplement in the processing of food and health products. It is only used in fish cake products because of its special smell.

In the feed industry, the one with the highest methionine content is used as a nutritional fortifying agent in feed and a feed additive supplementing the balance of amino acids. is.

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A lack of one of the essential amino acids in the human body can cause liver and kidney disorders. It is especially important for protecting liver function. It can promote the growth of hair and nails, and has the functions of detoxification and enhancing muscle activity.

The taste of sea urchin is related to DL-Methionine and can be formulated as a flavoring agent.

It is still used for amino acid infusion and comprehensive amino acid preparations.


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