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DL-Limonene Definition

Dipentene, also known as racemic limonene, namely (±)-limonene, is a colorless flammable liquid at room temperature, accompanied by lemon aroma, insoluble in water.

DL-Limonene is a basic raw material for synthetic fragrances, and has two isomers, dextrorotatory and levorotatory.

Dipentene is commonly located in natural plant important oils, among which the dextral ones primarily include citrus oil, lemon oil, orange oil, camphor white oil, etc, and the ones containing levorotatory bodies are peppermint oil and more.

DL-Limonene has excellent antitussive, expectorant and antibacterial impacts. Compound dipentene can be used scientifically to promote choleresis, dissolve stones, promote the secretion of digestive system juice as well as get rid of digestive tract gas. It is used as a taste and fragrance additive in food. commonly used.

DL-Limonene Paramete

CAS No.: 138-86-3
MF: C10H16
Type: Synthetic Flavour & Fragrance
Purity: 99%
Model Number: ZS-WDD-138-86-3
CAS: 138-86-3
Certification: ISO
Storage: Cool Dry Place
Shelf life: 2 Years
Assay: 75%min
Other Names: Cinene
Place of Origin: Shandong, China
Usage: Daily Flavor, Food Flavor, Industrial Flavor
Brand Name: Look Chemical
Product Name: Dipentene
Appearance: Colorless liquid
Grade: Food Garde
Sample: Freely Provided 10-20ML
Packaging: 180kg/drum


1.Used as a raw material for synthetic rubber and spices, and as a solvent

2.DL-Limonene in edible tastes can be made use of as a modifier for formulas such as white lemon, spicy and fruity tastes. 3.Its right-handed body is commonly used. It can be used as a raw material for formulating artificial orange blossom, sweet blossom, lemon and bergamot oil. It can also be used as a fresh top fragrance for makeup, soap and daily chemical essences. In ancient dragon type, floral jasmine type, lavender type and pine, aldehyde, wood, fruit or fragrance Suitable for all types. It is used as a modifier in edible flavors for lemon, fruit and spicy formulas.

4.Used as a solvent, also used in perfume synthesis and pesticide production

5.D-Limonene has pharmacological activity, so it can also be utilized in medicine. For example, Substance limonene capsules made from d-limonene as the cornerstone have the effects of stimulating gallbladder as well as liquifying rocks, controling qi and appetizing, analgesic and also anti-inflammatory.

Other applications:
DL-Limonene can additionally be made use of as a solvent for enamel, pseudomagnetism as well as different oil-containing resins, material waxes, metal catalysts, or as a raw material for the manufacture of synthetic materials as well as synthetic rubbers.

On top of that, it can additionally be made use of as an insecticide, such as 1,8-p-mendien-4-ol, an insect attractant, can be manufactured by oxidation of selenium dioxide.


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Look Chemical

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