Dimethyl Sulfide CAS 75-18-3

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Dimethyl Sulfide

Name: Dimethyl Sulfide

Cas: 75-18-3

Purity: 99%min


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Dimethyl Sulfide

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CAS No:75-18-3
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Dimethyl sulfide, also known as thiodimethane, is generally a colorless, transparent liquid with an unpleasant odor, which is flammable and volatile. Insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol and ether. Its vapor and air can form an explosive mixture with an explosion limit of 2.2% to 19.7% (volume fraction).

Natural products of Dimethyl sulfide are found in American peppermint, Algerian geranium oil and cream. Easily oxidized to generate sulfoxide or sulfone. It reacts with haloalkane to generate sulfonium salt, which reacts with wet silver hydroxide to generate strong basic compound sulfonium base.

As a reducing agent, borane dimethyl sulfide complex is a convenient and stable source of borane for hydroboration, selective reduction of α-hydroxy esters, etc.

The presence of dimethyl sulfide (DMS) in the atmosphere has long been recognized as an important chemical component in determining the global climate. However, while it may have a slight effect on the early stages of formation, its impact is much more pronounced during the latter stages of carbon dioxide’s rise in concentration.

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Dimethyl sulfide is a chemical used in many different industries. It is a colorless liquid with an odor and can be found in many different places. It is mainly used as an industrial solvent and fuel for power plants, and also as an intermediate in organic synthesis.

Used as Solvent

Dimethyl sulfide can be used as a solvent for organic synthesis, polymerization and cyanation, and is an intermediate in the production of dimethyl sulfoxide, methionine and pesticides. Used as analytical reagent, polyacrylonitrile and other synthetic fiber spinning and hydraulic oil. It can also be used as an odorant for city gas, an industrial purifier, a coating release agent, a low-temperature preservative for batteries, and a pesticide penetrant. Topically used in blood medicines, phytopathology and nutrition.

Dimethyl sulfide is a compound that has been used in industry for many years. It is formed by the reaction of sulfur with methyl chloride. It is also used in the production of high-performance lubricants and solvents and as a solvent in paints.

As a reducing agent, borane dimethyl sulfide complex is a convenient and stable source of borane for hydroboration, selective reduction of α-hydroxy esters, etc.

Used as a Pesticide

Dimethyl sulfide (DMS) is a colorless, flammable liquid used as an agricultural pesticide, fungicide, and herbicide. The main use of DMS is to kill insects that feed on crops such as soybeans, wheat or sugar cane by poisoning them and killing their digestive systems. It is also used as an “outdoor” insecticide, killing insects that feed on plants outside crops.

This chemical is manufactured in a number of ways, including the production of ammonia, ethylene oxide and methyl ester by-products. In addition to pesticides, DMS is also used as an agricultural fungicide. This chemical is also used in the food industry and cosmetics.

Used in Cosmetics

Dimethyl sulfide is used as an odorant in perfumes, detergents and cosmetics. Quite a few perfume companies have been using it to make scented oils for decades, but now they’re starting to use it in other ways as well. They are using it to make blends of DMS and other odorants.

They were able to produce the same odor molecules as those already on the market, but with better quality and more powerful molecules. This means their customers will be able to smell them more strongly than ever.
for the food industry

Dimethyl sulfide is used in the preparation of corn, tomato, potato, dairy, pineapple and orange fruit and green flavors. It is widely used as an artificial flavor in beverages and foods.

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