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d-glucose monohydrate

Products Description

Name: D-glucose monohydrate

Cas: 5996-10-1

Purity: 99%min


Basic Info:

CAS No.:5996-10-1
Type:Dextrose Monohydrate
Nutritional Value:Nutritional

Product Introduction:

  • D-glucose monohydrate powder, also known as whole sugar or food grade glucose, is a powdered starch candy with a DE value of over 90%, made from high quality starch as a raw material, liquefied by amylase, saccharified by glucoase, purified, concentrated and dried.
  • Crystalline glucose can be divided into monohydrate glucose (C6H12O6·H2O) and anhydrous glucose (C6H12O6) depending on the manufacturing process. Monohydrate crystalline glucose is divided into food glucose and pharmaceutical glucose. Food glucose is mainly used in the food processing industry and vegetable preservation industry. Glucose monohydrate can be hydrogenated to produce sorbitol, and pharmaceutical grade glucose monohydrate is mainly used as raw material (auxiliary) raw material for oral medicine. Monohydrate crystalline glucose can be further processed to produce anhydrous glucose, which is mainly used for the manufacture of medical injectables and infusions.
  • By using whole milk powder to produce crystalline glucose monohydrate, the mother liquor can be used to produce sorbitol for toothpaste and can also be used in the fermentation industry. The mother liquor can also directly produce premium caramel color for use in cola beverage factories. It can also be used in , oil extraction and Cheongju plants.


  • D-glucose monohydrate is made from corn starch. The double-enzymatic conversion technology has been successfully applied to our production of converting starch into glucose. The raw material undergoes a series of processes such as concentration, crystallization, drying, filtration, and evaporation, and is transformed into white crystalline hexagonal flakes, that is, oral glucose.
  • Oral glucose has been widely used in food and beverage products as a substitute for sweeteners and as a raw material for vitamin sorbitol.
  • Dextrose monohydrate is D-glucose crystallized with water molecules. Glucose is plant-derived glucose, obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis of corn starch (non-gene manipulation, no genetically modified ingredients). Its sweetener capacity (in a 10% m/m solution) is equivalent to 75% sucrose.


  1. Dextrose monohydrate can be eaten directly, and can be used in candy, cakes, beverages, biscuits,
    Medicinal jam, jelly and honey products can provide better taste, quality and lower cost.
  2. For cakes and semi-sweet foods, it can keep soft and extend the shelf life.
  3. Glucose powder is soluble and widely used in beverages and cold foods.
  4. The powder is used in man-made textile industry.
  5. The properties of dextrose powder are similar to high maltose syrup and are easily accepted by the market.
  6. If taken directly, it can increase physical strength and endurance. It can be used as a rehydration solution for patients with hypoglycemia, fever, dizziness and collapse.
  7. In the tanning industry, sole leather and suitcase leather are used as a reducing agent.

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Product NameD-glucose monohydrate
CAS No.5996-10-1
Appearance White crystalline powder
Content99% min
Shelf Life:2 years


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