Cyclopentanone CAS 120-92-3

2-Butanone peroxide
2-Butanone Peroxide CAS 1338-23-4

Name: Cyclopentanone

Cas: 120-92-3

Purity: 99%min


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CAS No:Cyclopentanone
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Product Introduction:

Cyclopentanone, also known as Adipic Ketono, has an aromatic odor and is an important intermediate of pharmaceutical and pesticide fine chemical products.

It belongs to the class of cyclic ketones, similar in structure to cyclopentane, both of which are five-membered cyclic structures, but the cyclopentanone molecule contains a ketone group.

In general, it is a colorless transparent oily liquid. There is a special ether and a slightly mint-like odor. Impurities are light yellow and develop shade with contaminations created with time, water white to greyish-yellow, and a pungent odour.

Insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol, ether and also acetone. Anaesthetic in high concentrations.

The oxidation of cyclopentanone can obtain it. Or by heating adipic acid in the existence of barium hydroxide. It is easy to polymerize, especially in the visibility of acid.

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Product Usage:

Cyclopentanone is a natural chemical raw product. It is an essential material for the pharmaceutical and fragrance markets and can be used to prepare a brand-new kind of spice, methyl hydrojasmonate. It is likewise used in rubber synthesis, biochemical research, and pesticide.

Cyclopentanone is mainly used to prepare medicines, biological representatives, chemicals and rubber additives.

Mainly used in the production of drugs, dyes and spices, it is an indispensable raw material for the preparation of halogenated cyclopentane, the drug cyclopentamethiazine for the treatment of edema and hypertension, and the new non-barbital intravenous anesthetic ketamine. Used as a solvent in the synthesis of drugs and fragrances.

In addition, high-purity cyclopentanone is widely used as a solvent in the electronics industry due to its good solubility in various resins.

Application of Cyclopentanone in Various Fields:

  1. From cyclopentanone and n-valeraldehyde as resources, starting with aldol condensation and afterwards dehydration to generate pentylcyclopentanone, adhered to by careful catalytic hydrogenation to acquire pentylcyclopentanone. Amylcyclopentanone has a solid flower, fruity fragrance, and a jasmine aroma. It can be used in the formulation of daily chemical essences, and the dosage can be within 20%.
  2. Using n-hexanal and cyclopentanone as raw products, condensation is performed initially, and afterwards, discerning hydrogenation is carried out to obtain hexylcyclopentanone. Hexylcyclopentanone has a strong jasmine scent and comes with a fruity fragrance. It can be utilized in perfume significance and other daily chemical essence solutions, and the dosage is within 5%.
  3. 1-pentene or 1-heptene acquired by paraffin splitting or matching alcohol dehydration as raw material, in the existence of di-tert-butyl peroxide as an initiator, perform a free radical enhancement reaction with cyclopentanone to generate 2 -Amylcyclopentanone (or 2-heptylcyclopentanone), which comes to be δ-decalactone (or δ-dodecolactone) after oxidative ring expansion.
  4. The synthetic course with cyclopentanone as the beginning material has one of the most industrial production worth. Adipic ketono is first based on aldol condensation with n-valeraldehyde. The condensation item is dried out and precisely hydrogenated to end up being 2-pentylcyclopentanone, as well as δ-decalactone with oxidative ring expansion.
  5. Use adipic ketono as well as valeraldehyde as raw materials, condense to create 2-(1-hydroxy)pentylcyclopentanone, respond with dimethyl malonate, afterwards hydrolyze, decarboxylate, as well as additionally esterify at 160-180 ° C, Methyl dihydrojasmonate can be gotten. Methyl dihydrojasmonate is a temporarily allowed edible seasoning, its scent is much better than that of all-natural methyl jasmonate, and its properties are sensibly safe.

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