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Name: Choline chloride

Cas: 67-48-1

Purity: 99%min


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Product Introduction:

Choline chloride is an organic substance with a chemical formula of C5H14ClNO. It is white hygroscopic crystals, tasteless, and smells fishy. The melting point is 305°C. The pH of 10% aqueous solution is 5-6, which is unstable in lye.

This product is easily soluble in water and ethanol, but insoluble in ether, petroleum ether, benzene and carbon disulfide. 

In fact, choline chloride was first used in animal feed, and has the function of promoting egg production in laying hens, so it is also called egg-increasing hormone; it is the most widely used choline supplement in the feed industry.

From a physiological point of view, the human body needs choline chloride to maintain normal brain function and can be used for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. In skin care, the ingredient is primarily used as a humectant, sometimes in premenopausal women, to keep mucous membranes moist.

Plays a minor role in the cosmetic industry and is mainly used in rinse-off products such as body washes, facial cleansers, soaps and products to treat hair loss.

Physical and chemical properties:

Melting point: 302-305°C(dec.)(lit.)
Density: 1.0238(roughestimate)
FEMA: 4500|Cholinechloride(AlsoIncludesCholine)
Refractive index: 1.5400(estimate)
Solubility: H2O: 1M, clear, colorless
Form: AdheringCrystals
PH value: 5.0-7.5(25℃,1MinH2O)
Storage conditions: Sealedindry, RoomTemperature
Water solubility: soluble


Product NameCholine chloride powder
CAS No.67-48-1
Appearance White to light yellow powder
Content99% min
Shelf Life2 years
Packing1kg/bag,25kg/bag or as your requirements

Purpose use:

  1. Tissue culture medium, feed additives, clinically used as anti-fatty liver agent.
  2. It is used to treat fatty liver and cirrhosis. It is also used as a feed additive to stimulate the ovaries to produce more eggs, litters, and weight gain of poultry and fish.
  3. Choline chloride can effectively prevent and treat fat deposition and tissue degeneration in livestock and poultry organs. Can promote the absorption and synthesis of amino acids. It can enhance the physique and disease resistance of livestock and poultry, promote growth and development, and increase the egg production rate of poultry. The dosage is 1-2g/kg.
  4. It is an effective nutritional supplement and fat-removing agent
  5. As a feed additive, choline chloride has the following physiological effects: it can prevent fat accumulation and tissue degeneration in the liver and kidney; it can promote the recombination of amino acids; it can improve the utilization of amino acids, especially the essential amino acid methionine, in the body.
  6. Choline chloride is a vitamin B drug used for hepatitis, liver function degeneration, early liver cirrhosis, pernicious anemia and other diseases.
  7. Choline chloride is also a plant photosynthesis promoter, which has obvious effects on increasing yield. Spraying wheat and rice at the booting stage can promote the differentiation of spikelets and produce more spikes and grains. Spraying at the filling stage can speed up the filling speed, full ears and grains, and increase the 1000-grain weight by 2 to 5 grams.
  8. It can also be used to increase production of corn, sugar cane, sweet potato, potato, radish, onion, cotton, tobacco, vegetables, grapes, mango, etc., and the effect is stable under different climate and ecological environment conditions;
  9. For underground growing crops such as tuber roots, use 10-20 ml of 60% aqua per mu (active ingredients 6-12 g) per mu at the initial stage of expansion, add 30 liters of water to dilute (1500-3000 times), spray 2-3 times to increase production The effect is obvious;
  10. Ornamental plants azalea, poinsettia, geranium, hibiscus, etc. regulate growth; wheat, barley, and oats are resistant to lodging.

Choline chloride-storage method:

  • The storage temperature of choline chloride aqueous solution should not be lower than -12OC to avoid clogging the pipeline after crystallization.
  • Choline chloride powder should be stored in a silo with dehumidifying equipment to prevent the product from absorbing moisture. Choline chloride powder will cause the product to become wet and agglomerate after absorbing moisture, causing the catheter to block.
    Plant carrier type choline chloride powder may have fermentation after long-term moisture absorption.

Choline chloride-supplementary information:

  • Choline is an essential building block in humans and animals and is often referred to as the B vitamin or vitamin B4. It is a low-molecular-weight organic compound necessary for the maintenance of physiological functions in animals. It can be synthesized in animals, but it often needs to be added in the feed. It is the most used vitamin.
  • Cholines Added to feed, it is the most used vitamin.
  • It can regulate fat metabolism and transformation in animals, prevent fat deposition and tissue degeneration in the liver and kidney, promote the reformation of amino acids, improve the utilization of amino acids, and save part of methionine.
  • Choline chloride is currently the most commonly used and most economical synthetic form of choline. It is a water-soluble vitamin product. It is a component of acetylcholine, lecithin and neurophosphate in biological tissues. It can save methionine.
  • Choline chloride is an important substance required by livestock, poultry and fish. It can regulate the metabolism and transformation of fat in the animal body, and can prevent deposition and tissue degeneration in the liver. As a methyl donor, it can promote amino acids. The reformation of amino acids improves the utilization of amino acids.



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