Ceteareth 25 CAS 68439-49-6

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Ceteareth 25
Ceteth 25

Name: Ceteareth 25

Cas: 68439-49-6

Purity: 99%min


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Chemical Structure

Ceteareth 25

Basic Info:

CAS No:68439-49-6
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Brand NameLook chemical

Product Introduction:

Ceteareth 25, also known as Ceteareth-25, Ceteth 25, has a molecular formula of C18H38O. It is an important emulsifier and is often used in various cosmetics.

Ceteareth 25 is a nonionic emulsifier gotten by the enhancement of natural saturated fatty alcohols and also ethylene oxide. Its items are typically white flake solids.

Slight special smell, soluble in water. It has excellent emulsification, hard water resistance and other properties, and is a very widely used emulsifier.

Protects the balance and stability of the emulsion system over a wide pH range.

There are no restrictions on the use of various cosmetic oily raw materials, and the oily phase in the system can be well released. Make it fully effective in order to achieve its purpose.

Nature and Specifications:

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Product Usage:

Ceteareth 25 (HLB15-17) is used as cleaning agent, emulsifier and surfactant in cosmetics.

used as emulsifier

Ceteareth 25 is used as an emulsifier in basic sector. It has great emulsifying homes for animal, vegetable as well as mineral oils, and also the prepared emulsion is extremely steady.

Ceteareth-25 is mainly used as an emulsifier in cosmetics and skin care products, and the risk factor is 3-7. Pay extra attention to the reaction. Normally, it has no effect on expecting females. Ceteareth-25 does not cause acne.

Ceteth 25 is an oil-in-water (O/W) emulsifier. When used together with CETETH6, it forms a pair of emulsifiers that complement each other. The emulsifier has a solid emulsification capacity with a percentage of emulsifier, as well as the prepared emulsion item has high stability and brilliant look.

Ceteareth 25 can be utilized as leveling representative in printing and dyeing market, color slowing down representative, emulsifier in glass fiber sector, chemical fiber spinning oil component, emulsifier in cosmetic as well as lotion production, as well as prep work of household and industrial cleansing agent.

Endures particular inorganic salts, extreme pH problems. Along with the production of general creams and also emulsions, it is also suitable for the manufacturing of solutions containing fruit acids, hair coloring creams, depilatory creams as well as various other strongly alkaline emulsions.

Emulsifiers for cosmetics such as creams, lotions, gels, and pharmaceutical preparations.

Used as cleaning agent and surfactant

Ceteareth 25 has stain release and emulsifying abilities.

In the chemical fiber industry, it is among the parts of various chemical fiber rotating oils, and also has excellent spinnability.

It can likewise be utilized to create house cleaning agents, commercial cleaning agents, as well as metal cleaner.

Ceteareth 25 is used as a moistening agent in the fabric market.

Ceteareth 25 Performance:

  1. Ceteareth 25 has strong emulsifying capacity as well as can emulsify oils of different polarities. Much less dosage, high emulsifying efficiency and outstanding emulsifying efficiency, usually shown to CETETH6.
  2. The appearance of the solution is bright as well as delicate. It is simple to produce substantial viscosity as well as preserve thickness stability.
  3. It can endure a particular quantity of electrolyte, acid or antacid, to ensure that the emulsifier pair can be commonly and flexibly utilized in numerous formulations.
  4. The emulsion products made of Ceteareth 25 have high stability as well as can keep long-term security.

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