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Calcium Chloride

Name: Calcium Chloride

Cas: 10043-52-4

Purity: 99%min


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Chemical Structure

Calcium Chloride

Basic Info:

CAS No:10043-52-4
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Product Introduction:

Calcium chloride is a chemical substance composed of chlorine and calcium, the chemical formula is CaCl2, slightly bitter. Its anhydrous is white porous frit or particles. Soluble in water and release a lot of heat, also soluble in ethanol and acetone.

The product is mainly divided into two forms: liquid and solid.

Liquid calcium chloride is an aqueous solution of calcium chloride. It can be used for sewage treatment, pipeline refrigerant (this product is weakly alkaline, which can effectively reduce the corrosion of pipeline), molecular sieve raw material, building coagulant.

Solid calcium chloride can be divided into three types: flake, spherical and powder. It is mainly used as road ice melting agent, desiccant and water remover.

Look Chemical is committed to the production of high quality calcium chloride, both in liquid and solid forms. The first-class production line ensures stable supply of products and meets the needs of different markets for products.

Nature and Specifications:

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Product Usage:

Calcium chloride and its hydrates and options have vital applications in food production, constructing materials, medicine as well as biology.

Medical Usage

  • It can be made right into 2% calcium chloride injection for the therapy of hypocalcemia.
  • Calcium chloride aqueous solution is the major element of tears and can be made use of as artificial tears. It can also be included in the reproduction water of ornamental fish to readjust the water high quality.
  • For vitamin D deficiency rickets, osteomalacia, calcium supplementation for expecting and also breast feeding women.
  • This product can be made use of for digestive colic and more.
  • Can be utilized for itchy skin diseases.
  • For the rescue of magnesium salt poisoning.

Food Usage

  • Calcium chloride can be included in food as a calcium fortifier, and also can also be utilized as a coagulant for tofu and also cheese.
  • Calcium chloride can be added to alcohols and revitalizing beverages to adjust the pH and hardness of drinks.
  • Utilized as calcium fortifier, healing representative, chelating agent and also desiccant in the food sector.
  • Rises the leaks in the structure of microbial cell walls.

Industrial Applications

  • Used as a multi-purpose desiccant, such as for drying nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, hydrogen chloride, sulfur dioxide and other gases. Used as a drying out representative in the manufacturing of alcohols, esters, ethers and also acrylic materials.
  • Calcium chloride aqueous solution is an essential cooling agent for fridges and ice making, which can speed up the hardening of concrete and boost the cold resistance of building mortar, and is an excellent structure antifreeze.
  • Used as antifogging representative and also roadway dirt collector, fabric fire retardant.
  • Made use of as protective representative and refining agent in aluminum-magnesium metallurgy.
  • It is a precipitant for the production of lake pigments.
  • Utilized for deinking of waste processing.
  • It is the raw material for the production of calcium salts.
  • Made use of as road dust enthusiast, anti-fog agent, textile fire resistant.
  • Made use of as lube additive.
  • used as logical reagents.
  • Calcium chloride can be utilized as a snow remover without injury to dirt, plants, etc.
  • Calcium chloride is used as one of the product parts when making porcelains, it puts on hold the clay particles in a service, so that the clay bits are less complicated to utilize when grouting.
  • In the petroleum industry, calcium chloride is utilized to enhance the density of solid-free salt water, and it can also be contributed to the water phase of emulsified drilling fluids to hinder the growth of clays.

Grades of Calcium Chloride:

Industrial Grade Calcium Chloride VS Food Grade Calcium Chloride VS Pharmaceutical Grade Calcium Chloride

Industrial grade: The refrigerants and snow melting agents we often use are all industrial grades. With the improvement of purity, they reach food grade and pharmaceutical grade step by step.

Food grade: Food grade is mainly used as stabilizer, coagulant, thickener, nutritional fortifier, desiccant, etc. Its scope of application includes soy products, cream, soft drinks, sweet sauces, jams, prepared water and processing aids for the food industry.

Pharmaceutical grade: The highest requirement for purity is pharmaceutical grade, and even for clinical applications, it is directly injected, so the purity requirements for the calcium chloride used are very high, and the purity is required to reach 100%.

Compared with industrial grades, food grades and pharmaceutical grades have stricter production control requirements and higher product purity.

Used in different industries, the required purity of calcium chloride is also different. But the higher the purity, the higher the price. Therefore, if the purity requirements are not very high, you can choose industrial-grade products, which are cheap.

Look Chemical has been supplying industrial grade, food grade and pharmaceutical grade calcium chloride for a long time. There are discounts for bulk orders. Welcome to consult our company.

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As an experienced calcium chloride manufacturer and supplier, Look Chemical has been supplying calcium chloride raw materials to customers all over the world for a long time.

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