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C9 Petroleum Resin
C9 Hydrocarbon Resin

Name: C9 Petroleum Resin

Cas: 64742-16-1

Purity: 99%min


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C9 Petroleum Resin Paramete:

CAS No: 64742-16-1
Formula: N/A
EINECS: 265-116-8
Brand Name Look chemical
Place of Origin China
Quantity 20000kg
Other Names: C9 Hydrocarbon Resin
Type: Catalysts and Additives, Polymers, Petroleum Resins
Product Model: LC-64742-16-1
Shelf Life 2 Years
Usage Used as Tackifying Resin


Test Specification Result
Form: Granular Pass
Softening point ℃: 140-150 142
Color No. (50% toluene in resin) Max 6 5
Acid value, mgKOH/g Max 0.2 0.12
Ash content , % Max 0.04 0.03
Conclusion Conforms
Note: During delivery preventing from solarizing, raining, hooking and aquosity

Product Usage:

It is primarily utilized as a tackifying material for SBS global adhesives, SBS spray adhesives, laminating flooring adhesives, pressure-sensitive adhesives, hot thaw pressure-sensitive adhesives and also various other adhesives.

The properties and also features of oil materials in different industries.

A. Paints.

Paints mainly use high softening point C9 petroleum resin, DCPD material, and also C5/C9 copolymer material, paint adding oil material can raise the gloss of paint and improve the attachment of paint movie, firmness, acid resistance, as well as alkali resistance.

B. Rubber.

C9 petroleum resin is utilized mostly as a rubber-softening additive in the rubber market

Butadiene rubber itself does not have viscosity and also is difficult. By including C9 petroleum resin, the molecular chain of butadiene rubber is divided, therefore giving the product a good viscosity and softening. On the other hand, C9 petroleum resin lowers the amount of natural rubber made use of to make synthetic rubber, significantly lowering prices without altering the top quality of the rubber item.

In terms of process, making use of oil resin can save a raw rubber maturation process, resulting in shorter manufacturing cycles and also higher financial performance.

C. Adhesive Sector.

Petroleum material has outstanding glue homes. Including petroleum resin to adhesives and also pressure-sensitive tapes can boost glue toughness, acid resistance, alkali resistance and also water resistance and can efficiently lower manufacturing costs.

D. Ink Market.

Oil resins for inks, mostly high softening point C9 oil materials and DCPD materials.

Including oil resin to the ink can play a role in spreading colour, rapid drying, lightening up result and improving printing performance.

E. Covering Sector.

Oil resins have great adhesion to concrete or asphalt pavement, abrasion, and also water resistance.

It has excellent affinity with not natural compounds, is simple to coat, has good weather condition resistance, dries out rapidly, is very durable, as well as can improve the physical as well as chemical properties of the layers and boost UV and also weather condition resistance.

Presently, petroleum resin roadway marking paint is gradually coming to be mainstream, as well as the demand is rising annual.

F. Others.

C9 petroleum resin is unsaturated as well as can be used for paper sizing representatives, plastic modifiers, and so on.

It can likewise be used for hot-melt pressure-sensitive and also solvent-based pressure-sensitive adhesives to boost wettability as well as boost adhesiveness.

The development of petroleum resins additionally addresses the troubles of limited resources of natural rosin as well as terpene materials, poor thermal stability, high rate and very easy aging; and the performance of rosin resin-modified hot thaw adhesives can be accomplished utilizing a 60% mass fraction of petroleum resin.

Keep in mind: C9 oil materials are non-hazardous and need to be protected from sun and also rainfall during transport; they must not be transported with spontaneous burning, solid oxidants or strong acids. Petroleum resin must be stored in an aerated, trendy and also dry setting. The storage duration is normally one year, after which it can still be utilized if it passes the assessment.

Chemical Properties of C9 Petroleum Resin:

C9 petroleum resin is a low molecular weight thermoplastic fragrant material obtained by catalytic polymerisation of petroleum-derived C9 fractions. It is likewise known as C9 hydrocarbon resin (HCR) due to the fact that its constituent molecules are all hydrocarbons.

It is a light yellow, transparent, granular solid at room temperature. It has a softening point of 80-140 ° C, a family member density of 0.970-0.975 and also a family member molecular mass of less than 2 x 103. It is insoluble in water and also quickly soluble in organic solvents.

It has reduced acid worth, excellent miscibility, water resistance, ethanol, and chemical resistance. It is chemically stable to acids and also bases as well as has the characteristics of excellent thickness policy and also thermal security.

C9 petroleum resin is usually not utilized alone yet as an accelerator, conditioner, modifier and also other resins.

Alteration of C9 Petroleum Resins:

With the improvement of logical methods, the advancement of petroleum materials has gotten in an age of technical competitors. The adjustment of C9 petroleum resins has developed in 2 main directions.

  1. unique materials or modifiers are chosen for copolymerisation with C9 portions, i.e. chemical modification.
  2. hydrogenation of the resin after polymerisation, i.e. hydrogenation adjustment.

Chemical Modifications

By presenting polar teams into C9 oil materials, the compatibility as well as dispersibility with polar compounds can be enhanced, and also the items can be used as water stabilisers, thickeners etc.

As an example, the resin is modified with maleic anhydride to create a water-soluble material: phenolics are conveniently incorporated into fragrant plastic polymers as well as are utilized as solvents for drivers to enhance the polarity of the material and also promote mixing and dispersion with other materials.

Hydrogenation Adjustment

Requirement C9 oil resins are normally brown or tan, limiting their application.

After hydrogenation, the original dual bonds in the material are damaged, and also solitary bonds are created, making the resin colourless as well as odourless. It additionally improves its weathering, adhesion and also security properties, additionally broadening its application areas. This will certainly be the focus of future growths in the field of petroleum resins.

Product Data:

1. Certificate Of Analysis (COA)

2. Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

3. Route of synthesis (ROS)

4. Method of Aanlysis (MOA)

5. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)

6. Packing pictures and loading video before loading

7. Free Sample

8. Factory audit


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About Look Chemical

As an experienced C9 petroleum resin manufacturer and supplier, Look Chemical is committed to producing and manufacturing high quality petroleum resin (hydrocarbon resin) raw materials.

The first-class production line ensures the stability of the supply and meets the needs of the customer market. If you need this product or related products, please contact our company’s service personnel, we will provide you with a solution in the shortest possible time.

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Loading and Transportation

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C9 Petroleum Resin

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