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Name: Polyetheramine

Cas: 9046-10-0

Purity: 99%min


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Basic Info:

CAS No:9046-10-0
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Product Introduction:

Polyetheramine (ATPE), additionally called Amine-TerminatedPolyether, is a class of polyolefin materials with a soft polyether foundation, capped by primary or secondary amine groups.

The molecular framework has ether bonds as well as is a program of polymers with an amino group as the incurable receptive practical group. Consequently, polyetheramine can be a wonderful alternate to polyether in some material processes as well as can improve the efficiency of new product applications.

It is a light yellow or colorless clear liquid at area temperature level with the benefits of reduced density, low vapor stress and anxiety and also high essential amine material. It is soluble in solvents such as ethanol, aliphatic hydrocarbons, fragrant hydrocarbons, esters, glycol ethers, ketones as well as additionally water.

Product efficiency.

Compared to various other amine healing representatives, polyetheramine reduced viscosity, light shade, great compatibility with numerous natural compounds, modest reactivity, can meet the special use demands.

Polyetheramine is commonly utilized in polyurethane responsive shot molding materials, polyurea spraying, epoxy resin curing representative and gasoline cleaning agent and other areas.

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Nature and Specifications:

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Product Usage:

It is one of the major applications of polyetheramine as a healing representative for epoxy materials. It can be widely made use of in numerous areas such as composite materials, finishes and also adhesives. As follows.

  1. High-performance compounds: Polyetheramine can be utilized as a high-performance healing agent for epoxy materials to produce high-strength, high-toughness compounds.
  2. Polyurea: As the essential aspect of polyurea product, it has many application examples in the water resistant system of concrete frameworks such as high-speed train bridges, cross-sea bridges, dams as well as significant locations, in addition to has really revealed outstanding performance.
  3. Coating: With low thickness, it can minimize the quantity of solvent and lower the system viscosity when put on epoxy floor covering or anti-corrosion finish.
  4. Adhesives: As epoxy material curing representative, it has exceptional durability and tiredness resistance after full healing, and is commonly utilized in adhesives as well as architectural adhesives.
  5. Precious Jewelry: with very light color and also far better yellowing resistance, can be utilized in fashion jewelry manufacturing.
  6. Textile complementary items.
  7. It can be made use of as metal cutting fluid after ending up being salt
  8. Furthermore, polyetheramine is also made use of downstream in building, adhesives, oil as well as gas extraction and textile therapy, fuel cleaner, etc.

Benefits of Polyetheramine:

Polyetheramine has unique properties and also is utilized in nearly all epoxy applications. Such as finishes, potting materials, construction materials, compounds as well as adhesives.

  • Epoxy materials treated with polyetheramine are identified by relatively lengthy build time, low exothermic temperature optimals, improved elasticity and sturdiness.
  • Low viscosity, color as well as vapor pressure, totally miscible in a lot of solvents, consisting of water.
  • Polyetheramine is associated with the production to get colorless as well as clear high gloss product.
  • The problem of the finishing surface can be boosted and is well matched for casting and also potting applications.
  • Capacity to obtain challenging, clear, effect resistant finishings, casts, adhesives, etc.
  • The surface area of the covering has no lightening, which prevails with various other amine healing agents.
  • Polyetheramine healed compounds have excellent antacids and water resistance and also moderate acid resistance.
  • Epoxy materials healed with polyetheramine have great electric properties.

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