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Products Description

Name: Alitame

Cas: 80863-62-3

Purity: 99%min


Basic Info:

CAS No.:





Sweeteners, Food Additives



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About Alitian:

Alitian is a dipeptide synthetic sweetener made from aspartic acid and alanine. It has a sweet taste that is more than 2000 times that of sucrose and more than 10 times that of aspartame. As a substitute for sucrose, it is widely used in the food industry because of its stable physical properties.

It can be added to dairy products, frozen drinks, preserved foods, beverages, gum candy, jellies and other foods. Alitam is a strong sweetener and is generally considered a non-toxic irritant, and the WHO has specified that the permissible daily intake of alitam can reach 0.1 mg/kg.

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Product Nature:

White crystalline powder. The taste is sweet and the sweetness is about 2000 times that of sucrose, and the taste is close to that of sucrose. Odorless or slightly characteristic odor.

It does not absorb water. Easily soluble in ethanol (61%), glycerol (53.7%), methanol (41.9%) and water (13.1%), and slightly soluble in chloroform. Heat resistance, good acid and alkali resistance.

Scope of application:

Mainly used in: beverages, ice cream, jelly, gum candy, tangerine peel, plum, plum, dried bayberry, table sweetener, etc.


Product NameAlitame
CAS No.80863-62-3
Appearance White  powder
Content99% min
Packing25kg/carton Drum

About Alitian's prospects:

Sweetener Alitame, low in calories, does not cause tooth decay, does not raise blood sugar, has a fruit with a specific flavor, and has been rigorously tested and reviewed for safety. Suitable for children and the elderly, especially diabetics, cardiovascular patients and obese people. The share of dipeptide sweeteners in the global sugar free sweetener sales market is still increasing year by year.

High-intensity sweeteners to replace sucrose have two main requirements: 
First, food manufacturers are profitable after sugar sources change in food production. In other words, production costs are reduced.
Second, consumers cannot tell the difference in product taste. In other words, the taste requirements are consistent. At the same time, when replacing sucrose with high-intensity sweeteners, the usage habits of different locations should be taken into account.

In short, with the advent of more advanced and effective separation and purification technology, the maturation and improvement of polymer organic synthesis technology and advanced biotechnology, newer and more ideal sucrose substitutes will continue to emerge. These efforts will not continue into the new century.


Alitian is stable in a dry environment at room temperature, and degrades in warming or low pH solutions. It should be stored in a closed container, not exposed to sunlight, and stored in a cool and dry place.
It is not compatible with redox substances and strong acids and bases.


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