4-Nitrotoluene CAS 99-99-0

Dimethyl Sulfide
Dimethyl Sulfide CAS 75-18-3
4-Hydroxybenzenesulfonic acid
4-Hydroxybenzenesulfonic Acid CAS 98-67-9

Name: 4-Nitrotoluene

Cas: 99-99-0

Purity: 99%min


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CAS No:99-99-0
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4-Nitrotoluene (PNT), also known as p-nitrotoluene. It is a pale yellow substance that forms rhombohedral crystals and has a pleasant characteristic bitter almond odor. Almost insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol, ether and benzene.

4-Nitrotoluene is a rare earth element with the chemical formula C7H7NO2. This chemical is found naturally in plants and animals, as well as in soil, water and air. It is used in various industries and it is also one of the most common organic nitro compounds.

p-Nitrotoluene is mainly used as an intermediate for dyes, pesticides, medicines, and synthetic fibers. In addition, it is also used as a solvent for paints, varnishes and varnishes.

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4-Nitrotoluene is mainly used in the manufacture of p-toluidine, p-nitrobenzoic acid, p-nitrotoluenesulfonic acid, 2-chloro-4-nitrobenzene, and also used as pesticides, dyes, medicines, plastics and synthetic fibers Intermediates of auxiliaries. It is also an important chemical raw material used in the manufacture of various products.

Intermediate for herbicides such as chloromethylene, used to control ants and other insects on the ground. 4-Nitrotoluene is also found in some consumer products such as paints, paint strippers, adhesives and cleaning products.

Also used in the production of organic solvents, dyes and dye compounds. For example: solvents in dry cleaning and dyeing processes, solvents in paints and coatings, reagents in analytical chemistry, solvents in organic synthesis, etc.

In addition to this, 4-nitrotoluene can be used to remove stains from wood and metal surfaces as well as paints, varnishes and varnishes. It can also be used to produce other chemicals, such as nitrocellulose explosives, nitroglycerin, nitrobenzene, etc.

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