2-Thiouracil CAS 141-90-2

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Name: 2-Thiouracil

Cas: 141-90-2

Purity: 99%min


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CAS No:141-90-2
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Product Introduction:

2-thiouracil is a uracil analog in which the oxygen atom at position 2 is replaced by a sulfur atom. The product has anti-hyperthyroid effect and has been used to treat diffuse toxic goiter.

It exists in the seeds of Brassica and Cruciferous plants and has high medicinal value.

In chemistry, 2-thiouracil is mainly used as an intermediate in organic synthesis and medicine.

Regarding thiouracil:

Thiouracil refers to both a specific molecule consisting of sulfated uracil and a family of molecules based on this structure.

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Product Usage:

Used As Pharmaceutical Intermediate

2-thiouracil is a historic antithyroid agent.

This substance inhibits thyroid activity by blocking thyroid peroxidase. Its use has recently been replaced by the advent of more effective and safer antithyroid drugs.

2-thiouracil has been used as an antithyroid drug, coronary vasodilator, and congestive heart failure, although its use has been largely replaced by other drugs.

For Organic Synthesis

2-thiouracil is an organic intermediate that can be used to prepare uracil.

Uracil is an organic base, which is an important intermediate in the synthesis of antineoplastic drugs 5-fluorouracil, tegafur, deoxyfluridine and antiviral drugs 5-iodo-2′-deoxyguanosine, etc. Organic Synthesis.

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