2-Butanone Peroxide CAS 1338-23-4

Cumene hydroperoxide
Cumene Hydroperoxide CAS 80-15-9
Cyclopentanone CAS 120-92-3
2-Butanone peroxide

Name: 2-Butanone Peroxide

Cas: 1338-23-4

Purity: 99%min


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Chemical Structure

2-Butanone peroxide

Basic Info:

CAS No:1338-23-4
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Product Introduction:

2-Butanone peroxide, referred to as MEKP, additionally known as methyl ethyl ketone peroxide, is a colorless clear oily liquid with a pleasant smell. It is a vital room temperature level treating representative.

Soluble in benzene, alcohol, ether and also ester, insoluble in water. Low toxicity. When combined with minimizing agent, sulfur and phosphorus, it can end up being eruptive blend. In case of heat and also terrible collision, there is a risk of burning as well as explosion.

It is stable at area temperature as well as takes off when the temperature is more than 100 ℃. The actual usage is 50% to 60% MEKP dimethyl phthalate solution.

Nature and Specifications:

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Product Usage:

2-Butanone peroxide is mainly made use of as space temperature level treating agent for unsaturated polyester resin, initiator for organic synthesis, lightening representative as well as bactericide.

Made use of as a driver in the manufacturing of polyester as well as acrylic polymers, it is the safest peroxide. It is likewise extensively used as a hardener in the production of strengthened polyester glass fibers.

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