5 Suggestions on How to Preserve Peptides

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Preserve Peptides Method Recommendations

All freeze-dried peptide products can be transported at room temperature and protected from light, and can be stored at room temperature for several days or less than a week. The peptide properties are stable.

All freeze-dried peptide products must be stored under dry and low temperature conditions, preferably at a low temperature of -20°C. If possible, it is best to store below -80°C. Under such conditions, most peptides can be stored 1- 2 years.

Preserve Peptides
Preserve Peptides

When you need to use a peptide product, you should warm the peptide product to room temperature before opening the lid; for products stored at -20°C, the process may take 1 hour or longer, depending on the size of the package. Otherwise, when the bottle cap is opened, the ingress of moisture will cause the peptide to condense and reduce its stability.

Once opened, it should be weighed quickly and sealed immediately to avoid deliquescent. Pay special attention to hydrophilic peptides. For the easily oxidizable peptides containing Cys, Met, Try and the easily degradable peptides containing Gln, Asn, Asp in the sequence, repeated thawing should be avoided to prevent the peptides from being oxidized and degraded. Therefore, it is recommended to store them in small packages.

Defrost as much as you need, discard after use, do not store. For peptides that are not used temporarily, do not store them in the form of solutions (even at -80°C).