Overview of zinc glycolate antimicrobial agent

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Application of Chlorhexidine Diacetate
Application of Chlorhexidine Diacetate

Overview of zinc glycolate antimicrobial agent

Zinc glycolate antimicrobial agent is an environmentally friendly antimicrobial suspension agent that is harmless to multicellular organisms developed by Covezin.

Its active ingredient is zinc glycolate, which is a good nucleophile and ligand. It is unstable in protic solvents (such as water). It is an intermediate structure in many organic reactions. It has a certain metal complexing ability and is easily soluble in methanol. Organic solvents such as, ethanol, ethyl acetate, etc., have the duality of alcohol and zincate. It has good cleaning and antibacterial effects, and can be used in civil, industrial and medical fields such as washing and antibacterial.

Antibacterial mechanism

Zinc glycolate has a lone pair of electrons, which can bond with metal atoms (or ions); among them, zinc ions exchange with cations (H+, K+, etc.) on the surface of the microbial cell membrane, causing the protein on the microbial cell membrane to coagulate and lead to failure; some Zinc ions will penetrate into the microbial cells, combine with certain enzymes, affect their activity or interfere with the expression of microbial gene replication information, and the microbes will eventually die due to exhaustion.

Application mode

① Antibacterial functional polymer products are blended or copolymerized with polymer materials to produce antibacterial functional polymer materials. For example, home appliance parts such as refrigerators and fresh air systems with antibacterial functions, food processing tools, food packaging materials, food cold chain transportation, and plastic and rubber fibers that have antibacterial requirements in each link of storage.

② Disinfection and antibacterial products. When it is blended with ethanol, the disinfectant and antibacterial solution has the characteristics of rapid disinfection and long-term antibacterial; when it is blended with water, the antibacterial solution is non-flammable and long-lasting, which can meet the requirements of large-area spraying, wiping, etc. ; When mixed with other disinfectant and antibacterial liquids, take into account the advantages of both.

It can be used for the disinfection of human skin, mucous membranes, hand disinfection and the surface of objects in daily life. It can also be widely used in various industrial fields, from traditional fields such as pulp and paper, textile or chemical manufacturing to various industries. Special applications, such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, healthcare, cosmetics and semiconductor industries. In the food processing, food packaging, food cold chain transportation and storage industries, it can be used for disinfection of various surfaces, equipment, and storage.